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Anna and some other woman apparently own a restaurant together, and they give Ando food with which to stuff his face before Anna tells Ando and Hiro that her grandfather disapproved of her decision to open the place, because he thinks women are chattel...er, "believes in tradition," which is why he arranged the marriage she just walked away from on the word of a stranger with pink jazz hands. She adds that the fiancé, "Deepak," is a powerful and dangerous man and above the law, before going to get them more food. When they're alone, Hiro, who's acting like such a baby that he might actually have been holding his breath this whole time, bitches at Ando for taking away his chance to get his powers back, or whatever, and Ando accuses him of not being able to deal with the fact that he has no abilities and is only a sidekick. Their tiresome argument is thankfully interrupted when a rather irate man who's clearly the jilted fiancé appears and storms into the back to tell Anna what's what. Ando goes back to try to intervene, and Deepak shows what he thinks of that idea by picking up a pot big enough to cook enough basmati rice for the entire wedding party...

...and hearing the struggle, Hiro runs back with a loaf of Italian bread as his weapon, and it was funny the first time but give it a rest, dude. Despite the fact that less than two seconds should have passed, Deepak apparently not only knocked Ando out but dragged him off somewhere, so either Deepak's a speedster or Hiro felt it was necessary to go out and buy the bread before entering the fray. I could believe either of those, sadly.

Bennet calls in to talk to Danko, who informs him that Claire's car is parked at the comic-book store. Bennet tries to tell him Claire had errands to run, but Danko doesn't really bother acknowledging that as he replies, "We'll talk." Bennet's not always easy to read, but the "Oh, shit" look on his face is pretty apparent.

At the diner counter, Luke blows bubbles into his milkshake as Sylar contemplates killing him for the six hundredth time, and then chastises him for screwing with someone by surreptitiously using his power. He lectures Luke about their powers not being there for amusement and having an objective. "Know your endgame before you lift a hand." This is rich coming from the only character on the show that makes Nathan look consistent by comparison. More retread of Sylar's Daddy Issues makes me throw up my hands and beg him to just find the guy already, and Luke apparently agrees with me, as he finally writes down the address and gives it to Sylar, saying it's two more days by car. Sylar points out that there's nothing to stop him from killing Luke now, but Luke says he just hopes he won't. That decision is put on hold, however, when Sylar sees a couple suspiciously agent-looking men enter the joint, and he instructs Luke to follow him to the emergency exit. Luke thinks they can take the men, but Sylar tells him they're only the scouts, and to prove his point, two commandos appear in their path, followed by a guy who presses a gun to the back of Sylar's head. Luke, however, does gun molls everywhere proud by pretending that Sylar's been hurting him and begging the men to be sure to protect him. He succeeds in distracting the guy holding the gun to Sylar's head long enough that Sylar is able to telekinetically wave him away, and from there, Sylar's able to keep the men at bay long enough to blast open one of the windows so he and Luke can escape. Well, to be more accurate, it's so he can escape and shaft Luke by keeping him locked out of the car and driving away. Luke's so distraught at his boyfriend's betrayal that he barely notices when one of the commandos zaps him to the ground, and Sylar watches the scene getting smaller in the rearview mirror as he drives away.

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