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Ice To See You

Sometime later, Anna is telling Hiro that Deepak will let Ando go if she marries him, and she's going to go through with it...

...and then the ceremony is happening, except Hiro interrupts and loudly proclaims that Anna is being coerced into the marriage. The girl from Slumdog Millionaire is like, "Gee, never heard of that." Hiro also announces that Deepak is holding Ando hostage, and when he then reiterates that Anna doesn't want to marry Deepak, the grandfather stands and asks if that's true, and Anna confesses that it is, and after some subtext that I think is meant to illustrate how important the restaurant is to her but actually makes it seem like she and her fellow café owner are an item, Deepak tries to drag Anna away, but Hiro catches him and decks him with a punch not quite as girly as we've seen from him in the past. He then menaces Deepak with a sword, which is the exact scene depicted by Matt's drawing, and Deepak calls off the wedding and says he'll return Ando, which is exactly the sort of thing men who are above the law do to inspire the necessary fear and respect. Hiro gives his typical squealy "I did it" reaction, which is another little habit of his that's long past ready for Retirement Village. How about getting some dignity as your next ability?

Claire gets back to her car to find Bennet waiting for her, and he's not in the mood for her lame attempts to cover, while she, in turn, is not enamored of hearing about the vague consequences of him not being able to control her, evidenced by her reply: "That's the thing, Dad. You can't." I like my words unminced too. She drives off, and Bennet looks beaten.

Back at Building 26, Danko reports Sylar's escape to Nathan, and the bad news mounts, as Abby appears with an order for them to cease and desist the operation in its entirety. As Nathan leads her off to try to talk her out of this, Danko gets a shifty look on his face and disappears. Nathan tries to get Abby to believe, even for a moment, about the powers, but she says it still wouldn't justify torture. As he continues telling her about the scary abilities that are out there, we intercut shots of Tracy realizing something's up with her chains, and she pulls on them and eventually succeeds in ripping them out of the floor. Just as Abby is making it clear that Nathan's getting nowhere, an alert goes off, and they go see what's up...

...and when they round a corner, they see Tracy holding a guy hostage with her chains around his neck, surrounded by several other employees. Now, I think Tracy would be too smart for this -- she heard Abby say she was going to shut the operation down, so why take this rather obvious bait? I mean, even now, she sees Abby standing there, so why not go quietly, since it's pretty obvious she's not going to be allowed to escape? If we were dealing with a hotheaded, impulsive character, it wouldn't bother me, but Tracy's supposed to know all the angles. This development is too easy and not well done. Regardless, the guy elbows Tracy in the stomach and tries to attack her (not that anyone seems to notice that bit) and she responds by grabbing his arm, freezing him, and throwing him into the wall, on which he shatters rather spectacularly. She then gives Nathan a baleful look before she's taken down. Nathan's then all "See? See?" in Abby's direction, and Abby, for her part, looks like she's going to need some help getting her chin off the floor.

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