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Ice To See You

When we come back, Abby's back at the bulletin board, and she tells Nathan he'll have all the funding he needs. I asked this before, but: What did you expect? You treat someone like an animal and then label her a murderer when she kills with her back to the wall? I'd expect that kind of reductive reasoning from Neocon Nathan, but it seems like a big about-face for Abby. Like I said, this part of the story is too easy.

In Costa Verde, Sandra apologizes for prying about the trip, but wonders if they had any fun -- maybe they saw a Broadway show? Claire: "Dad was a little busy...abducting innocent people." In fairness, some Broadway shows have nearly driven me to do the same. As Sandra listens in chagrin, Claire lays it all out about the government program, mentioning the camp-like atmosphere and the hunting of harmless people, and apologizes, saying she just can't lie to Sandra anymore. Just then, Bennet comes home and, referring to the bag in his hand, uncertainly asks, "Indian food?" Well, Bennet, the good news is you'll have leftovers. Sandra instructs Claire to go on upstairs, and the steel in her voice makes me laugh at the fact Bennet was afraid of Danko all this time. She starts in immediately, saying she thought he could change. He counters that he doesn't have a choice, an assertion to which Sandra loudly puts paid, and Claire is listening but I have the feeling it's getting ugly enough that she's closing the door real soon.

Nathan comes in to see Tracy, who's safely rechained, and tells her she's never getting out of the cell, but she turns the conversation around, saying she knows what he did -- the broken chain and unlocked door set her up to escape. She sneers, "You know what? Next time I will." Nathan looks discomfited, and walks out.

The commandos have finished up at the diner and are loading up their van. Once the doors are closed, it starts to back up, but suddenly stops and shakes like it's the sixties and it's owned by a bunch of horny hippies. Back at Building 26, the men hear the commandos' strangled cries, which soon die down. The van doors open again, and one lone commando, bloody briefcase in hand, hops out -- and removes his mask to reveal he's Sylar. He turns back and removes the drug shunt from Luke's nose, and then -- no lie -- takes him away in a slo-mo fireman's carry. I wouldn't be surprised if this plotline were banned from being aired in Utah.

Back at the restaurant, Ando is apologizing, saying he should never have interrupted the course of destiny. I've been over this, but what is he even talking about? Those drawings aren't guidelines! They always come to pass! No matter what he did, that scene would have happened! Oy. Hiro, for his part, says he was sent to India to learn he doesn't need powers to be a hero. No one mentions anything about brains, which is probably just as well. Anna then comes over with a fax addressed to them (?) and they read it's from Rebel, giving an address in Los Angeles with the words, "Save Matt Parkman." What, no "Save the security guard, save the world?" Does that not have a ring to it?

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