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Ice To See You

Bennet enters Claire's room, bag in hand, and Claire sniffs that he must have straightened things out with Sandra and is now off to his new assignment. Her bravado crumbles, though, when Bennet tells her Sandra kicked him out, and he knows she's right -- he keeps too many secrets. Voice unsteady, he tells her he's going to try to be a better person, husband, and father. "And not tell lies. And if we all work really hard to be honest with each other, maybe we can heal these wounds." Jack Coleman is bringing it here, so it's no surprise when Claire's face starts to break even as he assures her he'll be around, and they'll get through it. His "I love you, Claire-Bear" is the last straw, and she heads into his arms. He holds her for a bit, crying himself, and then leaves, and when he's gone, we see Claire had another reason to be affected by the part about honesty, as Alex emerges from his hiding spot in the closet. I hope his ability allows him to breathe with all the awkward in the air.

Luke thanks Sylar for coming after him, and after Sylar gives a long-winded disclaimer about how he just came for the commandos' laptop/tracking device that has "getting a blowjob from a guy doesn't make you gay" written all over it, Luke points out that Sylar could have left him there, to which Sylar has no response other than to turn on the radio, which starts playing "Psycho Killer." Sure, I chuckled, but I'm not sure the licensing fees were worth the joke.

At Building 26, Nathan intones a name in Danko's direction -- the name of the guy Tracy killed. Danko is unperturbed, so Nathan accuses him of letting Tracy out, and Danko cops to it, saying he saved Nathan's ass. "I'm sorry he had to die." Nathan suggests he go apologize to his bloodstain, and Danko looks into the hallway, in which someone is actually scrubbing up the blood from the floor. I don't know if that was meant to be hilarious, but it certainly got me laughing harder than the song did.

Bennet is drowning his sorrows at a hotel bar as he fiddles with his wedding ring. After the bartender chats with him briefly, she steps away, and when she's gone, Bennet's eyes lose focus and he realizes he's been drugged. He falls to the ground, but then quickly gets picked up -- by Peter, Matt, and Mohinder, who tell the bartender that their "friend" had a few too many, and they'll get him home safe. I'd speculate as to what's going through her mind, but the Sylar storyline pretty much gayed me out for the week. Next time: All About Bennet. See you then!

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