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Coming Together

Carnival. Lydia the Tattooed Lady enters Samuel's trailer, where he's drawing another Vanessa picture. He tells her he's writing a letter, but won't give any further details. He asks her to pick up some ink supplies in town tomorrow. (But, wait, can't he just make ink out of broken clay pots and dirt?) Samuel can tell Lydia's suspicious by the way she's looking at the "letter" that looks more like a drawing, so he tells her he knows a lot of bad things have happened lately, but he needs her to be patient and stay on his side. He says they're so close to realizing their dream. She asks if it's really their dream, or just his. He smiles and changes the subject to his list, which says, "indigo, umber, linseed oil," and, he doesn't say it, but it looks like "honey." Which seems a weird supply for ink-making. Lydia tells Samuel that Vanessa's beautiful and he says not to worry, she'll meet her soon enough. He's waited a long, long time to bring her and the day has finally come.

Outside Samuel's trailer, Lydia finds her daughter lighting fires in a circus tent. She asks her mom why she'd want to cause trouble, since Samuel's always been good to her (that's a teenager for you -- only thinking about herself). Lydia thinks he's planning something. Do I need to tell all of the characters on this show that, yes, Samuel is planning something. He has been saying that to you all along. What you mean is that you think he's planning something different than what he's telling you. I didn't think Lydia was as stupid as Claire but I guess I was wrong. Lydia says that for this family to survive, they'll need a new leader. Amanda asks who, and Lydia says there's someone, a man of compassion, who Samuel himself said might be the next Joseph. But he's so far away. Amanda suggests Lydia call him, and instead of making a Sprint ad out of it, we zoom in on Lydia's eyes and then cut to a sleeping Peter. After the camera zooms in on his eye, it pops open in shock. He jumps up and sees the compass tattoo is back on his arm. Title card.

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