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Coming Together

Parkman home. Matt's making toast and coffee and groaning about it as if it's the most difficult thing he's ever done. Janice comes in -- with a new short haircut that I haven't decided if I like -- and they talk about how Matty's still asleep because Matt kept him up watching Ratatouille last night. Oh, and tonight? Matt's making ratatouille. She says her brother's still looking to hire someone, and hints that he should think about it for himself, which he takes as an insult to his cooking. He says he's a stay-at-home dad, but she wants to make sure he's staying home because he wants to, not because he's scared to leave the house. He swears he wants to be at home making ratatouille, and sends her off to work. When he turns around, HRG's there, inside the house. He says he decided to check Matt's security system and it turns out it's not so great. Also, he needs Matt's help. Matt hasn't heard of Samuel, but he doesn't care because last time he helped HRG, he got Sylar stuck in his head. HRG agrees things are ugly, but shoving your head in the sand doesn't make it go away. He's sorry about the Sylar thing, which they all know was a bad idea. Matt says he likes to stay home with the doors locked, and that's not going to change. HRG says Samuel's a bad man, but Matt says bin Laden is, too, so HRG's going to have to do better than that. (Speaking of, why don't they go after bin Laden if they're such heroes?) HRG says Samuel's trying to recruit Claire, and Matt asks what his plan is: to kick the guy in the teeth? HRG says it's Claire today and could be Matty next.

Somewhere in Florida, apparently, Ando's having Hiro committed, although he's unsure about it. He speaks in Japanese about how hard it's going to be to get Hiro out, and how he can't teleport because of his scrambled brain. The orderly tells Ando he can't see Hiro's room, scoffs at the word "comfortable," then says it's time to get Hiro "strapped in" (when Ando questions that, he says it's just an expression). In other words: evil mental hospital! In case you didn't pick up on all that subtlety. They guy leads Hiro down a hall and Ando watches. When Hiro sees a door that says "Ahmadi," he looks back and tells Ando it's Watson. Ando uses his red lightning power to send some shocks into the door lock, which knocks them open. He heads down to the "Ahmadi" door and sees Dr. Suresh inside, realizing finally that's who Watson is.

Matt and HRG are waiting outside of L.A. Chamber Orchestra rehearsals for Vanessa, who they exposit plays first chair cello. Matt wonders if she's Samuel's girlfriend, and HRG says that what Matt's here for. She comes out, and HRG runs over, telling Matt to jump in anytime. HRG introduces himself and says he's the one who called, and that he knows she knows Samuel since there are pictures of the two of them. She asks if he's with the police, but HRG says it's more complicated than that. She has no interest in talking to him, and asks to be left alone. She doesn't want to meet his friend Matt Parkman. She walks away, and Matt brings her back with his brain by convincing her she wants to talk to them. She returns and says "Come to think of it, I'm glad you called. I need to talk to someone. I'm worried about him." HRG grins.

Peter walks the streets of New York, leaving Noah a message that the tattoo on his arm is back. Wow. If only he could check his voicemail, Peter's tattoo would lead them to the carnival. But then the show wouldn't be able to waste so much time leading up to the inevitable. When Peter hangs up his phone, he hears cello music, and looks around. He winds up at Emma's where she's used her newly harnessed siren power to lure him in. She explains that she brought him here with music by thinking of him while she was playing. Then she explains that she met Samuel, who showed her a new side to her ability using the cello. He sees the compass image on the back of the cello. He asks who sent it, and she says, "Samuel. Why?" He shows her the tattoo on his arm, and says he woke up with it this morning. Emma manages to be shocked instead of responding, "You're not the first person in the world to wake up with a tattoo and a hangover, dude."

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