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Coming Together

Vanessa, HRG, and Matt walk through some pretty architectural structures that may or may not be where the L.A. Chamber Orchestra actually plays. She says she and Samuel were close growing up, that he used to write her love poems, that they didn't care that his family worked for hers. She says one day they were gone, and she moved on, assuming he'd done the same until he showed up in her room one night, all swagger and rock 'n' roll. She says she was in the right place for a bad boyfriend, and they had a fun couple weeks until he proposed, asking her to run off to his carnival. "I mean, a carnival? I was getting a music degree at Yale." HRG says he's not the same 20-year-old kid, and is a very dangerous man. She says he's been showing up more and more often since Joseph died, spouting crazy stuff. She wouldn't call it stalking, but she says he does seem obsessed, and last time she saw him, he was going on and on about how she'd want to be with him as soon as she sees how powerful he is. HRG has an epiphany that they've been trying to find the carnival, but maybe they should bring the carnival to them. Matt wonders how you move a carnival, apparently forgetting that he and many others have powers. HRG asks Vanessa to call Samuel.

Peter's apartment. He shows Emma the news clipping Samuel put himself in, and she confirms that's her cello-giving Samuel. Peter says he told him his name was William Hooper, and asks Emma what he wanted from her. She says he only wanted to find a homeless man, and he gave her something. She pulls out a compass, and it starts to spin in Peter's hand. Samuel says that last time he saw a compass like that, his friend got stabbed, so to keep her distance. Emma says he's a good man, but Peter says his friend almost died because of a compass just like that one and he wasn't the first person who got attacked. Mama Petrelli knocks and lets herself in, and Peter introduces them. Or tries to, because Mama Petrelli's response is a stiff, "Peter, how do you know this woman?" Emma takes the hint and leaves, and Peter asks his mom what the hell that was.

Mental hospital. Ando's sitting with Hiro in some sort of lunch room, saying he's relieved Hiro's not really crazy. He wonders why Suresh hasn't used his super strength to break out, and Hiro says that the storm troopers have dulled his senses with Jawa Juice. Ando figures out that means the orderlies have been giving him meds. Hiro wants to turn Bruce Banner back into the Hulk. Ando takes over, and swaps out the "Ahmadi" pills with aspirin. But to hide them from the orderly, he pops them in his own mouth and ends up swallowing them. Hiro: "Nap time for Sancho."

Lobby of Vanessa' building. Matt's outside watching for Samuel and HRG's inside. But then Samuel's inside, and Matt doesn't know how he got in. One of the Replicating Elis tries to stop Bennet, and then another tries to stop Parkman, but HRG has his stun gun at the ready, and they take off. Matt goes to get the car, and HRG finds Samuel, who tells HRG to stay away from Vanessa, who's already gone. Then Samuel cracks open the ground and sends up a dust storm. When HRG looks up, Samuel's gone, too. Commercials, including a really bad one for Parenthood, a show I actually wanted to see until I saw that. After commercials, Matt picks up HRG and asks what the hell happened to him. HRG doesn't answer, but pulls up a computer to try to find Vanessa, since they've put some sort of GPS chip in her pocket. They take off after the chip.

Peter's. Mama Petrelli tells Peter she had a dream, and there's nothing he can do to save Emma, but he must save himself. She's sorry. She gets up to leave, and Peter tells her half the family's dead, and their bodies are surrounded by lies. He wonders if they'll ever get it right, and asks her to please just tell him the truth for once in her life. She says the dream was foggy, but the message was clear: She's going to help kill thousands of people. Peter tries to protest, but Mama Petrelli says it will be a bloodbath, something to do with a cello. He asks what it means, and she says the important thing is that he cannot save her. Peter asks if someone else can, and she doesn't answer, so he grabs her and takes her power. He apologizes, but he needs to know. She says people think dreaming the future is a gift, but they're wrong. Then she leaves.

Mental hospital. Hiro's banging on Suresh's door, saying, "Dr. Watson," and eventually wakes him up. He says, "Hiro?" Then Hiro makes Hulk gestures at him, and Suresh gets the hint. He frees himself from his straitjacket and then from his cell. He asks where he is, and then, "You put me here." Hiro says, "To be continued." Then he says something about storm troopers, and Suresh is all, "What are you talking about, Hiro?" Hiro says they must rescue Sancho and escape. He grabs Suresh and pulls him away as he wonders, "Sancho?" Hiro explains he's hidden Sancho and they find Ando in a closet with his red lightning sparking out of his fingertips. Hiro explains to Dr. Watson that Sancho drank the absinthe intended for him. Suresh: "Perfect. One who can't walk, one who can't talk." He picks up Ando, and Hiro says they shall ride to freedom. He puts Ando in a wheelchair and they run with him through the halls, where Ando yells stuff about how it's like swimming but he's inside out. Eventually the orderlies hear the screaming and find them. Then Ando red lightnings the door and marvels at himself. Suresh knocks the orderlies out with super strength, and they escape.

Matt and HRG are driving through the desert. They arrive right where Vanessa's chip has led them, but there's nothing there but some old carnival fliers. HRG says the carnival was here. Matt doesn't think an entire carnival just disappears, but HRG says this one does, and you have to have a compass to find it. He says that's how Claire found it, with the compass she got from him. Matt thinks that's great; they can just go talk to her, then, but HRG's still having none of that. Matt tells him he's burning bridges if he can't talk to Claire anymore. He asks how it will work then, and HRG says he doesn't know, but they have to find it somehow. It really is stupid that he won't talk to Claire in order to save her and everyone.

Back at Matt's house, he's chopping vegetables as HRG leaves a message for Lauren, then wonders why making ratatouille is so important. They argue, because HRG thinks this is more important than making dinner for your family, but Matt doesn't. HRG says Matt's one of the good guys, he has a responsibility, and he's not a coward. Matt says that some days you can't save the world, and should try to get your own house in order. "Go home. Hug your little girl." HRG looks like he's thinking about it, as Matt continues chopping. HRG looks back once as he leaves.

Peter's asleep, dreaming. In the dream, Emma looks distraught, but she's playing at the carnival, as people scream. She's crying, but can't stop playing. Then Sylar shows up and tells her not to worry; he's come to save her. Peter wakes up and covers his eyes with his hands. At Emma's, she's staring at her cello when Peter buzzes (or blinks, I guess). He says hi, then bashes her cello to bits. She asks what's wrong, and he explains he had a dream that comes true that a lot of people will die because of the cello. She can't believe he'd do that because of a dream, so he explains further that he had to do it to stop something bad from happening. She kicks him out, and he starts to leave but turns to say he's sorry. He says it BEHIND HER, and she responds, "Goodbye, Peter." Wait, did I miss something? Isn't she deaf?

In the Florida swamps, Hiro speaks nonsense, and Suresh says he's had enough of it, and has half a mind to leave Hiro here after what he did to him. Ando tells him not to talk to Hiro like that, because he has very little time left and chose to spend it rescuing Mohinder. He asks what "very little time" means, and Ando explains the brain tumor. Dogs a

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