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Coming Together
nd orderlies approach, and Hiro says, "The storm troopers and the Ewoks! Hurry!" They run off as the orderlies and dogs chase them. We get the scene of them running through a jungle from the montage before hiatus. As they run, they talk about how someone might unscramble Hiro's brain at the mental hospital. Suresh stops and tells Ando to use his red lightning power on Hiro like electroshock therapy. Ando's worried, since Hiro saw Ando kill him with red lightning in the future. Suresh logically asks, "Was it in Florida?" And since it wasn't, Ando zaps Hiro back into teleporting shape and he says they must stop Samuel Sullivan, then gets them the hell out of there right as the dogs arrive where they've stopped. Commercials, including Masi Oka encouraging us to get regular health screenings.

Dorms. HRG walks up to Claire's door, where her white board says, "Math study group." It was apparently an attempt to make us feel like she's an actual student, but it's a failure because we all know those boards are for notes about parties, not study groups. Anyway, he knocks and she answers, with a pretty cute and surprised, "Dad?" He says he was just in the neighborhood, but then admits that he actually just got back from California. He says he knows she's mad, and he's okay with that. He doesn't want to try to talk her out of it or convince her of anything. She interrupts and asks what he's doing here; if he's all right. He says he's great actually (really?!), but he's just thinking about bridges that connect us to the people and things we love and need in our lives. He says they're built on trust, and he's torched most of them. "I'm just hoping that the one that connects me to you can still be repaired." Claire looks mildly touched, but says she's sorry, but she does have something she's late for. He says that's fine, and asks if she needs a lift to this thing she's late for. She doesn't. They say goodbye, and he leaves, but she goes back into her dorm room and shuts the door. Not exactly what one does when they're late for something, is it?

At dinner at the Parkman home, Janice is going on and on about her law firm, and how some guy is totally gay, totally in denial, and totally married. Matt's not listening, because she's totally boring. She tells him his ratatouille is delicious, and then finally notices his silence. She asks if he left the house at all today. Oh, Janice, if you only knew. He asks if she thinks he's a coward, because he thinks he is. She wonders why, and he says he had the worst guy in the world living inside his head and didn't do a thing to go after him when he got rid of him. She says that's because he came home to her and Matty, where he belongs. Matt says he's let so many people down and gets up from the table. She wonders who, and Matt says, "Friends, people that I care about. I mean, I'm sitting here eating ratatouille instead of facing the world, doing something about the problems that I've caused." She says that's because he cares about his family, and calls him a "simple guy" (people love it when you call them that), that his family's his world and he should let the rest of it be. Elizabeth Lackey really lets her Australian accent seep through in this scene, which is completely distracting. She gets up and tells him there's nothing "cowahdly" about looking out for your family. She says he belongs home with them, okay? And he says, "Yeah." She thinks he's not full of shit and hugs him happily, but we all know he's about to join the good fight.

Carnival. Eli's guarding Vanessa, who looks pretty freaked out. Samuel comes out with tea, and apologizes that it's not five-star accommodations but to let him know if there's anything she needs. She says what she needs is to go home and that he can't just take her. He says he thought about the day she'd arrive for so long, but it wasn't supposed to be like this; it was supposed to be perfect. She asks what he's talking about, and he says Noah Bennet did a real number on her, got in her head, so he had to act. Vanessa: "By kidnapping me?!" Samuel says he'd hardly say that, so she points out he took her here against her will and won't let her lave; what would he call it? She gets up to leave, but he grabs her and pulls her close. She freezes as he kisses her neck then touches her face. He does some weird thing where he licks his finger and traces it along her face. He says he understand she's upset, and he gets why, but she'll understand soon, because there's something he wants her to see that is so magical, so beautiful. He says if she's still unhappy after he shows her, he'll take her right back to California. She wonders what he means by back to California and asks where they are. He just says it's so beautiful, Vanessa, wait 'til you see it. "It's perfect." She looks creeped out.

HRG's apartment. He tacks a picture of Vanessa to his bulletin board and then hears a knock at the door. It's Lauren, who says she was driving by and saw the light on. He invites her in, and she asks how California was. He says it wasn't as fruitful as he would have liked. He asks if she got his messages, and she did. He apologizes for being such a jerk. She knows he's sorry. He tells her that he thinks he cares for her more than he'd like to admit because it's complicated. He touches her face, and she sighs, then says she knows, but "just don't do it again." They kiss, and it's pretty awesome. But even more awesome? Hiro, Ando, and Suresh arrive in his apartment just then. Hiro: "Oh. You have company? Sorry to pop in like this." HRG looks at them, then smiles, "Hello, boys." They all three wave in response. "To be continued..."

Next week: Sylar shows Claire his tattoo of her and says she's supposed to help him. She wonders if he's going to slice her head open again, but instead he throws her on a chair and kisses her. Ew. I hope this isn't him trying to prove he's not impotent, because ... it could get very ugly. Hiro passes out and wakes up in a trial, where his dad's the judge and Adam's the prosecutor. It seems they're accusing Hiro of abusing his power or something. His dad sentences him to death, but I'm fairly certain this is a dream. Not that it means Hiro won't die, because ... brain tumor.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, has never had ratatouille and, thanks to this episode, never wants to. You can contact her at twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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