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Shattered Dreams
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We start with several shots of Danko shaving, and the show can toss in whatever dramatic score it likes, but it's not going to make it any less boring. I mean, come on. Danko saw the stupid rabbit on the desk -- he wouldn't have called in, just in case? I can buy Sylar playing cat-and-mouse in the apartment, because he's a bigger drama queen than Blanche DuBois and he's also done it before, but Danko really shouldn't be going about his day like nothing's amiss. Anyway, Danko pauses mid-shave when he hears an electronic voice telling him that the front door is open. And here I thought the suspenseful music was related to the question of whether or not he would cut himself shaving. Danko fetches one of probably eighty-seven guns lying around the place and goes to investigate, but instead of Sylar, he finds Doyle strung up in a harness like a marionette, with makeshift curtains draped around him for effect and a big red bow and a tag that reads "My Gift To You" tied around him. All this surely means that Danko is going to be the latest "lucky" object of Sylar's Daddy Issues, and I wish Sylar would pick a big leather queen to latch onto one of these days, just to make his continued existence slightly less tiresome.

Heavy rain is causing a huge traffic jam, although the resultant honking they're depicting is a little out of control even for New York, and then Bennet, a newspaper over his head, hops into Angela's town car with bits of toilet tissue stuck to his face. What a tease that all the actual shaving nicks happened off-screen! Way to passport the important stuff, show! Angela suggests that this be their last such conversation, as it's too dangerous for him to be seen with her, and after Bennet snits that he's sure she doesn't actually care about his safety, she replies that she's worried about having all their fates in the hands of a man "too distracted to pack an umbrella on a cloudy day... or use a proper razor." Well, I'm not going to defend him on the second point, but boy, if I could get back the money on all the ten-dollar umbrellas I've bought on the streets of New York on rainy days in my lifetime. Angela then expresses remorse over the fact that saving her sons has meant the end of her relationship with them, and although she admits Nathan will likely eventually forgive her, she thinks she's lost Peter for good. She goes on that now that Nathan's been outed, everything depends on Bennet, and when Bennet tells her that Danko doesn't trust him, she suggests he earn his trust. "Give him some kind of feather to put in his cap. Give him one of us." She suggests Rebel as the sacrifice, and Bennet's surprised, as he thinks Angela might personally need Rebel's services sooner rather than later, but Angela says she's getting out of New York that very night, "before something unfortunate happens." Chances of that are a lot lower now that Bryan Fuller's back. She sends him on his way with her umbrella and a snarky comment about how now he can't say she never did anything for him, and given what ends up happening to her she should at least have asked for his newspaper in return. But what he offers is probably more valuable: "I wouldn't go home if I were you. Don't say I never did anything for you." The sass drains from Angela's face, and when Bennet's gone, she sighs raggedly.

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