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We start at a motel in Costa Verde, and it becomes clear very quickly that what we're seeing happened before last week's ending, so bare bones: Peter's gotten his hands on some Phenobarbital, which Matt says they'll need to give Bennet in order for him to read his mind on account of Bennet being so well-trained. This is coming from the guy who was able to force three men to kill each other two weeks ago, so either Matt's ability is conveniently variable in its efficacy, or Bennet's the Jabba The Hutt of this particular tale. Matt then makes more sense when he points out to Peter and Mohinder that they did nothing wrong and in fact all have jobs that are designed to help people, and they were still made to be fugitives. Mohinder's still got reservations (possibly for reasons other than you think) but Peter's on board with the drug-aided interrogation idea, so off they go...

...into the scene we saw last week, which I feel no need to recap again, except to say that I do wonder how the drug came into his drink, but maybe Matt mentally compelled the bartender to put it in there. Also, Peter gratuitously throws an arm across Bennet's waist like he's going to cop a feel, which I guess is what happens when your brother breaks up with you.

Later, the three of them have Bennet tied to a chair, and Matt informs his cohorts that the drug is working...

...and we fade to a black-and-white flashback that we're helpfully informed happened five weeks ago, and Bennet is sitting on a park bench sipping coffee when Angela walks up and joins him, exactly like two Cold War spies pretending they're just out for some air as they exchange information, which is appropriate given the episode title but will be more so later. Bennet informs her that ten people died the night before in Ohio when "a house spontaneously caught on fire." If this is the show's subtle way of telling us that Meredith is still alive, I'm happy to hear it. All this is beside the point, however, because Angela tells him it's over -- Primatech is gone, and about time too. She gives him an envelope that she says contains a severance check (knowing what happens, I wonder if there's perhaps a message inside as well) and a box, which he opens to find a nice watch. He asks why she's doing this, and she replies, "'Bag and tag', 'one of us, one of them' -- it's an antiquated system, desperately trying to remain relevant." Sounds like Angela would be a good person to put on the task of getting rid of Nielsen ratings. She says she's told too many lies, but she hopes it's not too late to put her family back together, and I in turn hope that doesn't mean she's planning on removing the bullet from her husband's brain. After Bennet looks down at the watch again, he tells her what he did for Primatech is all he's ever known, and asks what he's supposed to do now. She counsels him to take care of Claire and of himself before getting up and taking her leave...

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