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Previously on Heroes: Sylar was one creepy power-sucking dude, Matt got brain-bashed by some creepy bald guy, Claire got almost-raped by a drunk quarterback and then woke up on a coroner's table with her chest flayed open, Hiro stopped time to save a little girl and he and Ando headed for Vegas, Peter figured out he can't fly and then he and Simone made out, Nathan told everyone Peter was suicidal, and Niki dug and then dug some more and decided that her husband killed a bunch of people, only that's probably debatable because, hi, ikiN kills people too.

On that note, I wish ikiN would kill the announcer, because that shit is getting seriously old.

Oh, and Chandra Suresh's book jacket picture is totally different in the previouslys, so I'm not even sure if he's going to be played by the Grand Inquisitor or not. Apparently, the Angel of Continuity passed out from too many margaritas and is face-down in a plate of rice and beans. We're not stupid, Tim. We're drunk, but we're not stupid. We notice this shit, even if you think we won't.

Again with the voice-over, which I've now determined actually IS Suresh Junior: "Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers. How is this happening? What are they? Why them and not others? Why now? What does it all mean?" As he says this, we see Matt, lying on a gurney, with several computer screens behind his head. He has a band around his skull and the screens seem to be monitoring his brain activity. He wakes, obviously disturbed, and tries to make sense of his surroundings. As things come into focus, Bad Glasses Man appears in his line of sight. He tells Matt that he's fine and that they had to drug him back at the bar. "I'm sorry about that," he says. I'm not. Did someone mention beer? I only WISH it had drugs in it.

Matt realizes that he's being held to the table with some Crazy Straps and he starts to panic and strain at them. BGM tells him to calm down so they can test his resting heart rate. Matt ignores him and keeps straining, demanding that they let him out of there. BGM tells him to relax, which is really difficult when you're STRAPPED TO A TABLE IN A ROOM BATHED IN BLUE LIGHT. Matt asks if he's FBI or CIA and BGM just creepily intones that he doesn't belong to any organization that has initials. No shit. "Whoever you think I am," says Matt, "believe me, I'm not him. I'm not -- I'm not anyone." BGM tells him that that's not true, that he's someone very special indeed. One of the monitors behind Matt's head starts showing what I assume are very active brainwaves. BGM rightly ascertains that Matt's trying to read his thoughts. "Not with my friend here," says BGM, looking behind him. "He's special too." Up walks the Creepy Bald Guy of Silence from the last episode, and he's just as freakishly calm as he was then.

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