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The Way We Were
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Oh my God, could I be more excited to recap this episode? No, I couldn't. Well, maybe if I drank twenty cups of coffee and snorted some coke, but even then, the difference would be marginal. Wheeee!

Okay. We open on a shot of the Bennet home. Oh, I should just mention that if you're interested in seeing a shot of Simone's cold corpse, you're going to have to wait until the previews for next week. That blood is never going to come out of Isaac's floor at this rate. So from a low angle, we do a slow pan around the foyer to the stairs, down which Mr. Muggles comes with a bit of a growl. It's too bad he's too teeny to do any good in the upcoming situation, but you have to admire his instincts. Outside, we get an orgasmically cool shot of the episode title and number written in white letters over the house. If that's the show's way of currying favor by saving me from having to look up that information, it's appreciated but unnecessary, as I'm going to be geeking out for this episode so intensely that I'm afraid it's going to render me too dorky even to get into a Star Trek convention. So it turns out that we're starting a few minutes earlier than when we left the Bennet household. Mr. Muggles's growling turns to full-fledged barking as we hear a sizzling noise, and then flames appear around the door handle and lock, which melt away. Sprague quickly enters and scoops up Mr. Muggles, and Parkman's all, "Don't!" Yes, please don't barbecue Mr. Muggles, Sprague. I've grown attached to the guy, and besides, there's barely enough of him to make a single kebab. Sprague irritatedly says he isn't going to nuke the dog, although Parkman muses that it might be the most effective way to get at Bennet, since there are more pictures of dogs around his house than of his kids. Well, I'll admit I like Claire a little bit more than dogs. However, I like dogs a whole lot more than Lyle, so overall, the math makes sense to me.

As they head into Bennet's study or whatever, Sprague opines how unlikely it is that Bennet left anything incriminating in the house, especially given that he recently got raided by the FBI at work. Parkman starts manhandling the computer, saying that it's worth looking. I guess Parkman doesn't know that Zach already checked the thing out and said there was nothing on it. Or maybe, understandably enough, he just doesn't trust the word of an ex-gay. Speaking of which, how awesome is it that Jack Coleman played Steven Carrington on Dynasty? Related to Joan Collins and going out with Billy Campbell? That's a life I could get behind having. Sprague suggests Parkman simply read Bennet's mind to find out what they want to know, and Parkman says he intends to do just that. "We're gonna bag the smug son of a bitch at his paper factory." Ooh, shouldn't have taunted Parkman like that, Bennet. Just then, however, the Bennet family pulls into the driveway, and Sprague suggests they take him right there and then. Parkman is initially insistent that they not involve innocents, but Sprague points out that the family's presence will be a powerful motivator for Bennet to be tractable, and asks how many times Parkman's going to let Bennet slip through his fingers. Despite the fact that he takes another look at Claire touchingly helping her mother toward the door, Parkman steels himself and draws his gun. A new camera angle gives us a shot of a clock in the foreground reading about 6:25, and then we focus on the Bennets coming in the front door. (I almost typed "family" instead of "Bennets" in that last sentence, but I was suddenly stricken with the coldest chills I've ever experienced. Can't imagine why.)

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