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Previously on Heroes: Peter roped Claude into helping him, Niki refused to channel Jessica, Micah and D.L. fell on tough times because D.L. thinks internet porn is beneath him, Claire tracked down her real mommy in Kermit, Texas, Micah used his techno-superpower to steal a bunch of cash from an ATM, Hiro was kidnapped by his own father (who turned out to be Sulu from Star Trek), and Sylar turned the tables on HRG while sporting the latest in white plastic brain shunts or something. That boy has some major issues, y'all, the least of which is a damn tube sticking out of his skull.

Streets of New York. Peter's tagging along as Claude randomly knocks into people and steals their shit. Apparently, Claude's not only invisible, everything he touches turns immediately invisible as well, because he grabs a scarf off someone's neck and instead of the scarf floating through the air, it just disappears. As does the hot pretzel he nips from a cart. Not so sure how that whole thing works, really. You're invisible, so your chemical makeup has to make you, like, see-through, right? So how do you, just by touching, make shit vanish? I mean, the pretzel doesn't have a superpower, does it? How about the scarf? So, like, if Claude touched a building, would it disappear? Ouch. I've already given myself a headache, and we're only thirty seconds into the show. I think I need to follow my instincts on this one and just ignore the incongruity of Claude's magically transferable invisibility powers and concentrate more on how damn cute both of these actors are.

Ah. I'm feeling better already.

Peter fails to see how petty thievery is going to help him control his gift. Claude thinks Peter is an idiot. He's like, dude? Right now, your power is just a reflex. It's like a dog's trick. What, you wanna be a poodle? Arf. Arf. Peter's all, uh, is insulting me really gonna help in this situation? We're really not getting anywhere. I laugh out loud every time at Milo's delivery of the insult line. He's totally irritated with Claude and he's getting that petulant "I just want my damn candy, already!" sound to his voice. It's hilarious. Also hilarious is Christopher Eccleston using his own Lancashire accent; it's very Manchester United. Which is kind of distracting, actually, because now I have an overwhelming desire to see if ESPN2 is showing any matches soon. DUDES. Manchester United's playing Reading on February 17th! If you'll excuse me, I have to find a pub in New York that'll be showing that match...

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