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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Bennet Family Manse. Sylar's manhandling Claire's cheerleading picture as Mrs. Bennet prattles on about Claire returning from Lubbock. The topic turns to some "horrible event" at Claire's school, and Sylar says that must've been hard on Claire. Mrs. Bennet finally starts to smell the stink coming off of Sylar and comments that he's awfully interested in her daughter. "Well, after I seen what she can do, well, I guess you could say I'm a... fan," says Sylar. "She's really quite gifted." Mrs. Bennet looks up from her vegetable chopping and the expression on her face is, "Hold the phone, freak-o. Are you stalking my daughter? Because I will cut you." She asks him if he's been to a game, and he says he guesses he has, and he just can't get over those "talents" of Claire's. He drops the bad Southern accent at this point, because he's pretty much decided that he doesn't want to wait to kill this woman any longer, so the accent's no longer necessary.

Mrs. Bennet shakingly says that she should try her husband again, and she picks up the phone. Sylar would rather she didn't because he'd really like to surprise Mr. Bennet. He points his left finger, and the phone flies out of her hands and across the room. "H-h-how did you do that?" she sputters. "I'm special," he retorts. "Just like Claire. Well--different, but... you catch the meaning. It's a shame I'll have to kill her. Maybe I'll kill you first. I really haven't decided yet." Mrs. Bennet runs away, but Sylar easily slams her into a china cabinet without moving from his chair. He saunters over to her as she slowly turns her head in his direction. "Hi," he says, his voice taking on an evil and weird tone. He starts lifting his hand, about to end this poor woman, but the front door smashes open and Bennet's there, with a gun! He shoots and shoots some more and Sylar flies back against the fridge, leaving a dent. Damn, what kind of elephant bullets are coming out of that gun? Also? Jack Coleman looks hot when he's angry. Bennet and the Haitian Sensation move toward Sylar's fallen body, only to see him slip out the back door. "Find him!" snaps Bennet. "He dies!" Awwwww yeah!

Later that day, Mrs. Bennet has moderately covered from her fall, and she's trying to make sense of the occurrences of the afternoon. She can't figure out how he moved the phone with his hand. Bennet assures her that she's safe, and he's going to get Sylar, and Claire is also fine. The Haitian Sensation returns, unfortunately without a dead Sylar strapped to his back. Mrs. Bennet's all, what's with the creepy bald guy? Bennet's all, who, him? Oh, no one. Just let him touch your head for a second, 'kay? "He'll help you forget again," says Bennet. Mrs. Bennet's all, again? What the hell do you mean, again? THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE? Wait. Is this déjà vu? Am I repeating myself? Why is that creepy bald guy putting his hands on my--what the? Why am I on the floor? Did I fall? Was I looking for something? Also, why am I wearing Britney Spears jewel-encrusted jeans? That's just not right. I... suddenly need to lie down...

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