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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Firemommy Trailer. Claire's heading out as her birth mother says she can stay for dinner, even though she cooks like crap. Claire says she can't because her father's left her six messages telling her to come home. Firemommy says that this isn't good-bye and that they'll have to keep in touch. "I was hoping you could tell me about my father," says Claire. "Now that's... complicated," says Firemommy. "Why don't you let me work on that for next time?" Claire agrees and they smile at each other as Zach honks the horn. Firemommy removes the necklace from around her neck and gives it to Claire, saying that it's from Mexico. They hug. Aw.

Superstudio of Superheroes. Simone uses her nearly-discarded key on the door and enters, calling out for Isaac. She sees a painting of her and Isaac embracing on "their roof." She immediately heads for the roof. Isaac's already up there, blowing on his cold hands. Simone walks over to him, saying that they haven't been up there together for a long time. Isaac says that there's something about the roof and, once again, Simone totally makes this all about her and their relationship and says that they used to hang out up there a lot. Isaac's like, no, you selfish moron! This roof is connected to everything that's happening and everything that's going to happen! He says the roof is important somehow. Simone just says something about the pigeons and how she could never figure out how they wound up on the roof. They... fly? I mean, I'm just guessing here, but I'm thinking that they didn't take the ELEVATOR up to the roof since, you know, THEY HAVE WINGS.

Simone says that she and Isaac had a lot together at one point. Isaac says that the painting he did of them embracing on the roof is the future he still hopes for. He goes on to say that everything important that's ever happened to him has happened in this city, whether it was good or bad. "And now it's all gonna be destroyed because I can't stop it." Simone says that he doesn't know that. Isaac says he does, and it just keeps getting worse, and the world will never recover from a bombed-out New York. "You can't lose hope!" says Simone. "What hope is there?" asks Isaac. "There's you," says Simone. "What you can do. Why else would you be allowed to see the future unless it was to do something about it? But you can't just see the future, Isaac. You make it. You'll find a way." Isaac moves toward her as he asks if she really believes that. "I believe in you," she says, taking his hands. They touch foreheads. And then we see Peter, standing across the rooftop, with Claude next to him. Peter looks hella-angry and Claude looks incredibly pleased with himself. See, Peter? People really DO suck!

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