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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Back with Hiro and Ando and the rest of the Father Doesn't Know Best players... Hiro approaches his sister and father and says that he's given it much thought, and he will return to the company as an executive vice-president. His sister looks pleased. "It is time to restructure," says Hiro. "And consolidate management in Tokyo." The smile slips from his sister's face as she says that they can't consolidate management. Hiro just snaps that he can do whatever-the-hell he wants to -- he's the executive VP! Sister Hiro argues that consolidating would be a disaster. "Oh? You think you have a better idea?" says Hiro, watching as Daddy Hiro looks at his daughter with new appreciation.

"We should expand by making new acquisitions in aviation," Sister Hiro says. "Improve R&D in biotech, recapitalize... " Daddy Hiro is now openly staring at the girl. Hiro, on the other hand, is looking directly at his father as he laughs and says, "What do you know of these things?" Sister Hiro angrily says that she runs three divisions at the company, and if anyone knows how to run things, it's her. "Kimiko?" says Daddy Hiro. "What's gotten into you?" His daughter's like, uh, sorry about that. Forgot that you like your daughters to be seen and not heard. I'll just throw on my kimono and get down to the tea service, shall I? Hiro speaks up and says that his sister is smart and dedicated and that his father doesn't need him. "You have your successor right here!" He smiles at his sister. His father growls. Heh.

Niki's Padded Pen. The door opens, and the guard with the broken nose throws a bundle of clothes at her, ordering her to get dressed. Niki's all, for what? The big fat lawyer who paid a visit to D.L. not too long ago enters the room and says that Niki's going home. Niki's like, uh, that is NOT such a good idea, Greasy McFatNut. Greasy informs her that the charges against her have been dropped and that the D.A. threw out the entire case. Turns out, a guy on death row confessed to all the crimes Niki was accused of. She's free to go. Niki's like, dude? You are NOT making a wise move here. Niki rightly assumes that Linderman's behind all this, and she refuses to leave, saying that she needs to remain inside. Greasy McFatNut tells her that what she needs to do is get dressed so they can take her multiple personality disordered ass home ASAP.

Cut to Peter, sad and blue, standing on the rooftop as his emo bangs blow in the wind. He looks seriously pissed off. "So, that's the one you love, huh?" taunts Claude. "Off to dinner with the guy she left to be with you. Sort of fickle, don't ya think?" Peter's all, uh, why would you show me that? Claude's all, dude? I didn't show you; she did. And she leapfrogged rather quickly back to her ex, didn't she? Sorry about that. Peter's like, you are NOT sorry, you furry-faced miscreant. You enjoyed that. "You've got this rosy film over your eyes like a kid," says Claude. "It's no wonder you live like an adolescent. Posters on the wall, hair in your face." HEE! He goes on to say, "You've got to see the world as it is. That's the only way you'll learn how to save it."

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