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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Peter snarks that he's not really interested in becoming like Claude; a drifting hermit whose only friends are a bunch of fucking pigeons. Claude reiterates that Peter needs to get rid of his distractions. "The people I love are NOT distractions!" says Peter. "Then why can't you fly?" snaps Claude. "You've done it. Your body remembers how. The only thing standing in your way is you." Peter refuses to cut his loved ones out of his life. "How cold do you expect me to be?" Claude's like, uh, are we forgetting that we are a BOMB? "You've got to remember what this is about. Or do you have to ask for your brother's permission for that as well?" he snits in a bitchy voice. Heh. "Anything else that I have to do?" snaps Peter. "Wanna make a list?" Claude says that Peter's a sad cartoon of a broken heart, bleeding all over the place. "I'm just trying to get your mind straight." Peter's had enough of Claude's shit. "Look, I have followed you around and listened to your half-assed wisdom. You don't have any answers! Okay? You don't know anything! YOU are afraid of the WORLD." "You have to listen to me--" "And I am tired of you telling me what I have to do! I don't have to do anything!" "Except fly," says Claude.

And then he pushes Peter over the side of the building.

Oh, that is too awesome.

Peter drops like a stone, clearly not remembering how to fly. He manages to turn around in mid-air, though, so that when he finally does crash into the cab that Isaac painted, he lands on his ass instead of his face. We thank him for that. The roof of the cab implodes with the impact of Peter's fall. He looks out for the count. Viewed from above, we see that he has not only landed on a cab, but on an advertisement for what might be a samurai exhibit at a museum or something. Nice little tie-in there. Peter slowly comes to and sees a big piece of metal sticking out of his chest. He pushes himself off the cab, sliding his body off the metal rod with a loud groan. (Dirty!) He tumbles off the cab and catches his breath. He looks up at the building and realizes just how tall it is and what he's just done. "Son of a bitch," he gasps. Indeed.


"Not quite what I was expecting," says Claude, looking at Peter slumped against the wrecked cab, "but hope for the flowers yet!" Peter launches himself at Claude and shoves him up against a wall. "You threw me... OFF OF A THIRTY STORY BUILDING! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!" Peter grunts at him. Claude just giggles. "Well, you coulda flown!" Hee. "Listen, if you hadn't worked this one out," says Claude, "you'd have been hopeless anyway, and I'd have had to diffuse the biggest bomb ever." Peter steps back and Claude tells him he cleared his mind and called out his power. "You know, before I hit the ground," says Peter, "when I knew what was about to happen, I had this flash... in my head, of this girl that I met in Texas." Careful, Peter -- that "girl" might be related to you in a second here. Watch how you think about her.

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