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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

"This cheerleader," he continues, "she could heal herself. Oh, gosh, she's this sweet kid. Sad little smile, and she just... " Suddenly, Peter seems to realize something. "You were wrong," he says. "I don't have to cut her out! I have to remember her! How--how she made me feel! That's how I... " Peter's hands start disappearing. Then there's a weird loud buzzing sound and Peter's hand goes to his head as he groans in pain. Then Isaac's cloudy future eyes show up. "Oh god!" Peter shouts. "It's happening! I'm losing it!" Fire shows up in his eyes. Peter's overloading. He's about to blow! Whap! Claude decks Peter with a solid right hook and Peter hits the pavement. Heh. "Well, it's a start," he says, standing over Peter's fallen body. Hee. I can think of several other Heroes who might benefit from Claude's form of "education." Matt? I'M LOOKING AT YOU.

Superstudio of Superheroes. Isaac's future-painting again. He finishes and sees the crumpled taxi and Peter sitting against it. Cut to Bennet's house where the phone is ringing. Bennet picks up and it's Isaac, saying that he thinks he's found a way to stop Peter. When did Isaac start working for Bennet? The guy forced him to do heroin to save his daughter. That's not exactly someone I'd be repaying by trying to find an exploding man. As a series of Bennet's men in black perform crime scene analysis in the background, Isaac tells Bennet that Peter's in New York, but no one can see him because he's either a ghost or invisible. Isaac asks what that means, and Bennet says, "It means an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was." Ooooh.

God. Back with Hiro and Ando and the Sister and the Father and the Story that NEVER ENDS. I like all these actors, but lord, can we get past this already? Hiro tells his father that he's made the right choice and his father tells him this doesn't mean he approves of what Hiro's doing. Hiro says he doesn't have to and that life evolves and that the son he wanted to be like him will follow his own path. "Now, I have to go save the world!" He hugs his father while his father just stands there and wonders what this full-contact thing is that his son is doing. "I should never have read you those stories," he says, walking to his car. Sister Hiro thanks her brother by calling him insane and he says she's welcome and they hug. She turns to Ando, who holds his arms out for his own hug, and she's like, uh, not so much, dude. And nice cologne. What, did a cat pee on you? I'll shake your hand and then I'm outta here. "She's really starting to like me," says Ando as the car leaves. "HUH?" Hiro hilariously squeaks.

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