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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Family of Heroes Homestead. Micah knocks on his mother's door and invites her to play Scrabble with him. Inside the room, Niki smiles and laughs and says she'll absolutely play with him because she owes him a dozen. She tells him she needs a minute, and he toddles off, happy to have his mother home. Niki turns to look at her reflection in the sliding mirror, and we see that she has the helix tattoo on her right shoulder, so it's actually Jessica who's being all nice and shit, not Niki! We hear knocking on the mirror and Jessica slides the door closed, revealing Niki trapped in the mirror behind it. "Noooo!" screams Niki, enraged. "What are you so mad about, Niki?" asks Jessica. "You're the one who wanted to be locked up!" She walks off as Niki slams against the mirror some more.

Bennet Family Manse. Claire and Zach enter, and Claire calls out that she's home. Zach reminds Claire that she's wearing her birth mother's Mexican necklace, so she quickly takes it off and hides it. They head to the kitchen, where her mother immediately tells her that she's in trouble. "The school called -- did you think you could ditch and I wouldn't find out?" Claire's like, uh, what? We talked about this this morning. You said we could go to the aquarium. Zach waves around the bogus brochures. Mrs. Bennet looks a mite confused but then says she thinks she would remember a conversation about skipping school. She grimaces and says she has a headache. Claire offers to finish setting the table so her mother can lie down for a bit. Mrs. Bennet leaves, and Claire finds a piece of glass on a chair. She looks up and sees her father on the phone across the house. He smiles at her and gives her the "I'll be there in one minute" finger. She smiles back and then looks down sadly at the piece of broken glass.

Kermit. Firemommy is pacing through her trailer, nervously smoking a cigarette as she makes a phone call. The other end rings and rings. Finally, a man picks up. "You might not remember me," says Firemommy. "We haven't spoken in a long time, but... our daughter just found me. Did you hear what I just said? She's alive." We cut to the man she's talking to as he sits down and it's NATHAN. Nathan's Claire's bio-daddy! I can't say that I'm all that surprised. I think it's kind of a predictable choice, but I love the Pasdar, so I'm not going to be picky on this one. "We need to talk, Nathan," says Firemommy. Boy, do you.

Next on Heroes: A Heroes Family Reunion. Flydaddy and Firemommy meet up again, and I'm hoping we learn how Nathan might not remember a woman he had a child with sixteen years ago. Mohinder and Sylar pair up (dirty!) in some unholy alliance or something. And Matt and Jessica square off with guns, and there's something about the line between good and evil being crossed. My guess is, Jessica's got the evil part covered.

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