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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Why do I feel like drinking a pint of Boddington's and shouting "Score!" all of a sudden?

But I digress. Back to Claude and Peter. Claude explains to Peter that if he wants to stop himself from blowing up, he's going to have to figure out how to harness his randomly appearing powers. He lists some of the powers Peter's already exhibited (flying, invisibility, mind-reading) and Peter comments that all those powers put him in a coma for two weeks. Claude says that Peter's body doesn't know what to do with all the powers he's copied; they've gotten jumbled, like a bunch of "file cards knocking around a shoebox." Only in Peter's case, said cards are doused in plutonium and are piling up to a critical mass. "Now, I'm gonna to teach you how to pull 'em out, one at a time," says Claude with a smile. Peter wonders if that'll be possible. Claude certainly hopes so. "Next time you shut down, might not be just a coma," he says. "Might be the day you melt down." Interesting theory. I was always assuming that Peter was stealing Ted's power by accident and then going nuclear. Never occurred to me that he might be blowing up simply because he's going into power overload like an over-used motherboard without a proper cooling fan.

Oh my god, I'm such a geek.

After Claude announces what he's going to teach Peter, Peter requests that they get to "today's lesson." Claude agrees, saying that he'd like to see if Peter can access his borrowed powers without the superhero source hanging around. "You think I can do that alone?" asks Peter. "We're about to find out," says Claude, grabbing a woman's purse and placing it in Peter's hands. "Remember to breathe," he says as he walks away. Peter stands there with the purse as the woman Claude took it from realizes she's been mugged. She looks around for her bag, and when she turns back, Peter's materialized and he's remembered to breathe, but it's more of a "Holy shit, I'm in trouble!" breathing than an "I am calmly channeling my invisibility powers" breathing. Hee.

Prison of Multiple Personality Prisoners. Dr. Demento is attempting to hypnotize Niki via the usage of a metronome. The metronome is highly reflective, though, so I imagine this scenario isn't going to end well for the poor doctor. We know how Jessica feels about mirrors, don't we? Niki's not digging the idea of bringing Jessica out to play. She says, for the umpteenth goddamn time that Jessica is dangerous. Yes, we get it. Jessica's bad. You're good. Jessica kills people and has a penchant for swaggering. You whine a lot and spend hours panicking. Can we just cut to the part where you either disappear completely or learn how to control that bitch? Because this story is dragging on a bit long for my taste...

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