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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Niki tugs at her wrist straps, and the doctor assures her that they could hold an elephant to that chair and that, just because she's a shrink, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to wield a Taser gun. Jessica tosses six-foot-three men into walls like they're bags of cotton candy, Doc. I don't think a little Taser gun is going to be all that effective upon her, mmm-kay? Niki thought the goal was to get rid of Jessica, not bring her out. Dr. Demento corrects her, saying that the real goal is to have a unified whole, not two warring halves. Niki finally agrees to let the good doctor go to work on her problem, and she starts breathing calmly and watching the reflective metronome.

Niki quickly relaxes and tells a story of a piano at her childhood home. She says she couldn't play the piano at all, but Jessica could; and she played beautifully. Niki grows emotional as she says that she used to draw all over Jessica's sheet music with her crayons. "Jessica used to say... that I could turn Mozart into a monkey," she says through her tears. She looks down and when she looks up, she's Jessica. "I sure did," says Jessica. "Jessica," says Dr. Demento. "You shoulda listened to the little mouse," says Jessica, throwing her hands up and easily ripping her wrist chains off the table. The doctor gasps and reaches for the Taser, but Jessica just slaps her hand down on the doctor's hand and gives her a look like, "Bitch, please." Awesome. Ali Larter does a damn fine job switching between Niki and Jessica. Like, with the flick of an eyelid, you totally know which one she's playing. So cool. Yeah, her storyline is sucking the life out of my soul right now, but that doesn't mean the actress doesn't kick all kinds of ass.

Sylar's Cell of Shunts and Shadows. Bennet enters the cell and goes to examine the body under the sheet, just like he did last week. He pulls back the sheet, realizes it's not Sylar, spins around, and there's the man himself, looking all sorts of creepy. "How's Claire?" asks Sylar. Bennet's all, oh shit! Sylar waves his hand, and Bennet goes flying into the cell window. Bennet groans. Sylar calmly removes the white plastic thing in his head and says, "That was for the haircut." Heh. What the hell is that white plastic thing supposed to be, anyway? Shouldn't his brains start squirting out or something? Sylar takes Bennet's wallet out of his jacket and leaves the cell. Why he's not killing the man, I have NO idea. Maybe the idea of leaving him alive to know that Sylar's going to go murder his daughter is more enticing to this psychopath than actually murdering him. He's one sick puppy. Outside the cell window, Sylar picks through Bennet's wallet and finds his driver's license with his home address on it. He slaps it up against the glass and taunts Bennet with it. "You shouldn't have built such a good cage," he sneers. Bennet tells him to stay away from Claire, but Sylar's too busy walking out to pay him any mind. "Noooooo!" screams Bennet as the door shuts behind Sylar.

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