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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

Odessa. Land of Angry Puffy Dogs. Mr. Muggles is sitting next to Claire as she reads from her Book of Manatees. Mr. Muggles makes little growling noises. Mr. Muggles is my new favorite character. Claire is trying to convince her mother to let Zach and her drive to Lubbock to go to the aquarium there. Zach cautiously watches Mrs. Bennet to see if she's buying any of this. Wait -- is Zach wearing suspenders? Rainbow suspenders? ARE THOSE RAINBOW SUSPENDERS ZACH IS WEARING? What is he, Mork from Ork? Or maybe this is just Thomas Dekker's way of saying, "Fuck you, agents and handlers who didn't want Zach to be gay! You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war! P.S. These rainbow suspenders are FABULOUS." Upon closer inspection, I see that they are not, indeed, rainbow suspenders, but they are suspenders nonetheless, and they are far from fabulous.

Claire works over her mother but good, ending her plea with a deadpan, "The manatee is a very noble creature." Hee. The writers are getting all sorts of humor out of the poor manatee. Mrs. Bennet asks if Zach's car is in working order, and he says it is, and she gives them permission to drive to Lubbock. She tells them to be back in time for fajitas, and Claire giggles and hugs her mother as Mr. Muggles growls, "Back off, sister! The gravy train is MINE." Mrs. Bennet leaves the room, and Claire asks Zach if he has the directions to Kermit. He does. But he wonders what will happen if her mother wants proof of their aquarium visit. Claire hands him a brochure she picked up at the Motel 6 and some tickets that she printed off her computer. This is a very detail-oriented plan she's brewed up. She's quite clever, that Claire.

Empty Hangar of Less-than-Happy Father/Son Reunions. Daddy Hiro looks at the painting of Hiro with the dinosaur that Hiro and Ando are supposed to deliver to Linderman in Vegas. "Your father looks angry," says Ando. "My father always looks angry," says Hiro. "But your sister looks hot," says Ando. "You're a perv," says Hiro. "I know you are, but what am I?" says Ando. "I told you: you're a perv," says Hiro. "I know you are, but what am--" "Oh, shut up." Daddy Hiro lectures his son, bitching about how he took an unauthorized vacation to go gallivanting across the USA while gorging himself on hamburgers and waffles. "Waffles are very good," says Hiro, without a trace of sarcasm. "You would like them." "No, Hiro, I would not!" says his father. Oh, I don't know. Waffles can be delicious, Daddy Hiro. Slap some syrup or strawberries and whip cream on those babies and you're golden!

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