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Who's Yer Daddy? Oh. It's Nathan.

We fade out on the two of them standing in front of a couple of buildings as we fade in on the same buildings in one of Isaac's paintings, only without Peter and Claude standing in front of them. Isaac's future-painting and going through canvases like they're growing on trees. Boy needs to invest in a damn sketchpad already. Canvases are expensive, y'all. Isaac engages in his own version of a Food Flurry, only with paint, and he just keeps racking up the artwork until the Superstudio is riddled with color-filled canvases. His Cloudy Eyes of Future Visions clear up, and he's left staring at a painting of a yellow cab that appears to be glowing from within. He flips through his other canvases and comes across one that holds his attention as we cut to...

... Hiro and Ando trying to assemble the ripped painting quarters on a table. Ando observes that this is not the best of situations and asks Hiro what they're going to do. "Did you put on cologne?" Hiro asks. Ando gets this fabulous expression on his face like, "What the? No! I just smell like Paco Rabane when I get nervous!" He responds to Hiro by grunting noncommittally. Heh. Sister Hiro goes to talk to her brother, and Ando gets all excited by her approach, but she basically looks at him like he's covered in oozing sores, and he walks away sheepishly. Sister Hiro tells her brother that he's brought shame on the family. Hiro says he didn't mean to, and that she's the one their father trusts. "He thinks I'm weird," he says. Hee.

Sister Hiro informs him that their father is too proud to tell him that the company is suffering because, in their culture, a man who can't control his son can't control his business. She says that Hiro is the only son and heir and that he has to come home. Hiro repeats that he has a mission. Sister Hiro tells him to stop fucking around with missions and start saving his damn family already. Ando tells Hiro to consider going back to Japan; after all, he's lost his powers, he'll probably never get the sword, and executive vice presidency is pretty awesome. "But... I was a hero," says Hiro. Ando tells his friend to listen to his sister. "She's the smart one," says Ando. A little light bulb goes off over Hiro's head. "That's right! She is!" he says, smiling brightly.

Kermit, Texas. Claire and Zach approach a cutely decorated trailer in a dingy trailer park. Claire scoffs at the pinwheels out front and comments that she always thought her real parents would live in a Park Avenue penthouse or something. What, did she think her parents were Daddy Warbucks and Grace Farrell? Claire continues to make disparaging remarks about her mother's trailer, and finally Zach is like, just get the fuck in there and meet your damn mother already. "What am I supposed to say?" asks Claire. "'I'm your daughter and I can re-grow my kidney'?" Hee. Claire wonders if her mother will have burns and scars from the fire and says that her mom's supposed to be dead. "So are you, remember?" says Zach. "You've got that in common." He walks off, and Claire's like, dude? Where you going? Zach's like, grow up and get on with it, cheerleader. I'm gonna drive around the block or something. Go meet your mom.

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