Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.
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Previously on Heroes: There was a lot of exposition, a bit of teleportation, a tad of precognition, several seconds of levitation, and very little illumination. And Hiro is awesome.

Okay, the "previously on Heroes" announcement guy's voice is super annoying. I want to kill him. Several times. With Anthrax-coated Nerf bat.

Tonight's episode begins with another shot of the rooftop and the chapter title, just like last week. We're at Chapter Two, apparently, and its title is "Don't Look Back." Suresh is voice-overing that we all imagine ourselves to be agents of our own destinies, but do we really have any choice in how or when we rise or fall? Or is it up to a force larger than us? Man, he asks a lot of questions. Peter's on the roof again, getting ready to fly/die. He jumps off the ledge as Suresh wonders if it's evolution that takes our hand or science that points the way. I have no idea what he's yammering on about. All I know is, we get to see Nathan fly up and catch his brother again and it's such an awesome shot that I get goosebumps all over again. Also? An airborne Adrian Pasdar is just too hilarious for words. In the good way. He looks so surprised and peeved, all at the same time.

Suresh says something about God intervening and saving us or something, and we see Peter lose his grasp on Nathan's hand again, and then we're in a hospital room and Peter's coming awake with a gasp as Nathan's hand grips his shoulder. Peter has no idea where he is or what's happened. Nathan's moderately pleased to hear this, as it means that Peter's possibly forgotten about that whole flying thing he pulled off. A flying senator is NOT good for the polls. Nathan reminds his brother that he jumped and Peter doesn't believe it. "You tried to kill yourself," whispers Nathan. "You were a little wound up yesterday. Just bein' you." Well, that's lovely. You know you can fly, but you're making your already fucked-up brother believe he's suicidal AND a pain in your ass. I am SO voting for you!

Peter isn't buying the suicide story. He tells Nathan what really happened. "You flew," he says. "You flew up and you caught me." Nathan laughs nervously and Adrian Pasdar terrifies us all with his attempt at a smile. The man's teeth should be registered as lethal weapons, y'all. Nathan tries to convince his brother that he fell twenty-five feet to a fire escape and Nathan climbed up and carried him down. "The rest is just crazy talk," says Nathan. What is this, 1954? "That's crazy talk!" Who talks like that? Red Buttons? Judy Holliday?

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