Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Once inside, he tries to get a bead on the girl's voice. He looks up at the staircase and sees a woman pinned flat against the banister like she's a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game. Only with about fifty knives holding her up instead of thumbtacks. She's about five feet off the floor too. How the hell did she get up there? Matt keeps looking around and he passes the dark haired woman from before and Clea DuVall of Carnivále fame. Clea has a theory. "This is Barstow all over again. This is Sylar." Sound familiar? The dark-haired detective, Bitchy McFussyPants, doesn't think it's Sylar at all. Clea's all, uh, sure. This woman's five feet off the ground and looks like a human piñata and her husband's in the other room, frozen solid, with his skull sliced open and his brain removed. In mid-bite, nonetheless. Clea wants to find out how all this happened. Bitchy McFussyPants says that the little girl is their first priority right now. Bitchy McFussyPants is going to be bad for business, I can tell.

Matt continues to hear the voice in his head while he moves around. He passes the women and they're both like, uh, dude? What the hell do you think you're doing? "You are NOT supposed to be in here," says Bitchy McFussyPants. Matt just make the "shhhhh" gesture emphatically in her direction and moves toward the cupboard beneath the stairs. The voice becomes clearer, and he opens the door to find a little girl, cowering beneath a table. He tells her she's going to be okay. "Sylar hurt my mom and dad," the little girl says silently. "Please don't hurt me." Matt hears it all. Clea watches with concern. Anyone think that mayhaps Clea has a bit of the "hero" in her as well?

Brooklyn. Suresh is spilling his professorial guts to Pixie. My closed captioning is royally fucked up (it keeps adding extra characters into words so that "please don't hurt me" reads as "pol#$@do2@ don9988 hyeye22344rt m***23!"), so I may not do as well as I'd like with some of Suresh's science-speak, but I'll give it the old college try. He says that his father was working on a mathematical theorem using human genomes and DNA migration patterns. "He thought he could find a way to identify these people, the ones who are special." Suresh never believed his father; it's the reason they grew apart. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up, but no one leaves a message. Pixie goes over and sees that there are messages on the machine. She hits "play" and the messages start. Suddenly, she looks at a glass terrarium beneath a lamp and goes, "Oh my god, Mohinder!" Suresh is all, yes? Right here! She's all, no! The other Mohinder! The lizard Mohinder! Nice. Mohinder's father named a lizard after him. They both get down on the floor to look for the reptile while the messages play.

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