Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

We hear a recorded message from Nathan asking for his vote. Hee. Nice crossover. Pixie and Suresh crawl around until they meet cute in the middle of the apartment and Sendhil Ramamurthy pretends to be attracted to her. It's really hard work for him. Because she's a really bad actress. Suddenly, a super-creepy voice comes over the answering machine. "Hello, Chandra," it says. "Why won't you talk to me? You can't leave me like this." (And, no, I'm not sure of the spelling -- did I mention the whack-ass captioning?) We hear Papa Suresh pick up and say, "Hello, Mr. Sylar? I've asked you not to call here anymore." Sylar says he can't control the hunger anymore and he doesn't want to. "You made me this way," he says. "I made you a murderer?" says Papa Suresh. "You helped me discover my potential," says Sylar. "You wanted to see what I could do as much as I did. And now? You want it to stop." "It's over," says Papa Suresh. "Goodbye." We hear a dial tone. "I found a tape of a conversation my father had with a man named Sylar," says Suresh to Pixie. "A man he believed was Patient Zero--"

WHAM! The sound of books falling to the floor across the room makes both of them spin around. Luckily, it's just Mohinder the Lizard, begging for some attention. Aw. I totally want a lizard now. He and Hiro can share a cage! Pixie picks up Mohinder and puts him back into his terrarium. Suresh sees something on the bottom of the cage and asks what it is. Pixie picks it up and observes that it's a portable hard drive. Suresh plugs it into his computer and some complex codes start spilling across the screen. "My god," says Suresh. "He actually did it. He came up with a way to find them." He turns to Pixie. "You wondered why someone would want to kill my father? The reason for his death? It's this. I'm going to finish what my father started." As the code crawls across the screen, that S-curved symbol from Isaac's apartment can be seen with in it. Yeah, it's that Dharma shit all over again. Ten bucks says someone out there starts keeping a running tab of how many times it appears and where during each episode. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Agent SeanMatt's standing out by the pool, wondering if he can listen in on the confessionals at his church with his new talent, when Bitchy McFussyPants walks up and demands to know how he knew about the little girl. He says he heard the girl whispering. "House full of cops and you're outside and you just happened to hear her whispering?" grits Clea. Pretty much, dude. He checks his watch and says that he's supposed to be meeting his wife at a counseling session because they're having problems. Bitchy sneers at him and her thoughts say, "This guy's worthless." Matt looks at her like, did I just hear you right? She tells Clea, out loud, to cut Matt loose, and walks off. He starts to leave, but Clea stops him. She brings up the fact that Matt's taken the detective exam three times and failed three times. She's all, you really think you're detective material? And he's all, shit YEAH bitch!

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