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So many heroes, so little time.

She grills him about how failing the tests makes him feel, and he says he's disappointed and angry, and she wonders if he's angry enough to set himself up for a royal flush in the achievements department. He's all, what, you think I set this whole thing up to make myself LOOK GOOD? "I didn't kill these people, Sylar did!" Clea looks at him like, THE HELL? Her thoughts go, "How did he know that name?" Then she asks him out loud how he knows that name. "I heard it," he says. "From you." He looks totally surprised by this realization. "Like you heard the girl whisper," her innermost thoughts snit. "Yeah," he says, answering her thoughts. Clea doesn't seem to realize that he's actually talking to her thoughts and not to her verbal responses because she says, "Then hear this one, Parkman: you're under arrest." She cuffs him as we head to commercial.

Vegas. Niki drives and drives along the bloodstained map route. She comes to a stop at a dead end in the middle of nowhere. She turns and parks the car and sees a shovel stuck into the ground in the distance. As Micah sleeps, Niki starts to dig. She quickly discovers that there's already a dead body in the ground. Good lord. How many people has ikiN killed? Speaking of killing, Bad Glasses Man is just creepily hanging out in his study, creepily looking into his creepy portable DVD player. Claire enters, and he calls her "ClaireBear," and I think I'm going to hurl. He tells her that he called the adoption agency and that they were going to try and get in touch with her birth parents. Claire's surprised that he went ahead and did that for her. "I thought you said that was an adult decision," she says. "Well, you seemed pretty adult this morning when you told me you wanted to do it," he says. See? That's a totally innocent sentence that sounds TOTALLY WRONG when he says it. "You seemed pretty adult this morning when you told me you wanted to do it?" GROSS. I'm fairly certain that the creators don't INTEND for BGM to come across as a child molester, but they're inadvertently guaranteeing that he does.

He tells her that it'll take a long time to get through the process so that she'll be his little girl for as long as possible. AGAIN, TOTALLY CREEPY. "I'm not done protecting you from the world," he says. Good god. Is Jack Coleman being this skeevy on purpose? Because I am really bothered. Claire says that he's her dad and that he'll never stop being her dad. "I promise I'll be your little girl for as long as I can." Okay. OKAY. Enough. We need to get her away from him as soon as possible because everything about their dialogue is just sick and wrong and not of the lord. "You can't protect me forever," she says. "I know," he says. "And it breaks my heart." I need a Silkwood shower. They say "I love you" to each other and she leaves to scrub herself down with a steel brush. BGM opens his DVD player and we see that he's watching Claire get up from her sixth suicide attempt. "It really does break my heart," he says, his voice even MORE creepy than before. If that's even possible.

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