Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

On a rooftop across town, Peter's pulling another "Look at me!" stunt. He's sitting on the edge of the roof as Nathan comes through the door. Peter asks if he knew about Papa Petrelli's depression and Nathan says that he did. Peter asks why he didn't tell him about it and Nathan just says that everyone's entitled to their secrets. Nathan's got a head cold or something because he's wiping his nose with a kerchief. I don't really know why. It's just... weird. And it seems like everything's supposed to have significance in this show, so I thought I'd mention it. Maybe even superheroes get the sniffles. Peter stands up and says that he was so sure it happened, but it turns out that he's just going crazy. Nathan steps forward and tries to reason with his brother. "Tell me what happened, Nathan," says Peter in a normal voice. "Tell me you flew. I wanna hear you say that you flew." He steps back on the ledge. "Tell me or I jump again. Good luck on your campaign when I'm splattered all over the ground below." Heh.

Nathan looks nervous. Peter steps back and fakes a fall and Nathan's had enough. "Alright! You want the truth? We both flew, Pete. I caught you and I lost control. You were too heavy. We both started falling to the ground and just before we... just before we hit... you flew." "You lying to me?" Nathan doesn't say anything. "You are!" says Peter, walking towards his brother. "You're trying to tell me what you think I want to hear! You're lying to me AGAIN!" Nathan just looks... up at Peter and points his finger at his feet. Peter is hovering about four feet off the ground. The second Peter sees this, he falters and stumbles to the ground. Nathan looks at him like, uh, believe me now, homie? Peter just flings himself into his brother's arms and they hug while Nathan makes a sweaty-faced grimace and millions of HoYay! enthusiasts rejoice. Peter asks him if he saw him hovering, and Nathan says he did, and then they hug again, and I'm getting the distinct impression that either Peter can just steal other peoples powers or Nathan can give his own power to other people. Hence the sweating.

Sweating doesn't even begin to describe poor Hiro, getting grilled by the police in Isaac's apartment. He tries explaining that he doesn't speak much-o Engrish, but the detective doesn't really care. A detective who speaks Japanese enters and drops a bunch of files on a desk. The English-speaking detective opens up Hiro's wallet and mentions that he's a card-carrying member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society, and Hiro just smiles at him in the sweetest way. Seriously. My pet. And I will love him and kiss him and keep him in a cage! The Japanese detective asks Hiro how he got to New York and Hiro tells him the truth. He teleported. The American detective is all, the fuck? Hiro's all, like Star Trek-uh. The Japanese detective's all, yeah, he says he can bend the space-time continuum. He asks how long ago Hiro "teleported" and he tells them he did it yesterday. He says that if they let him call his buddy back home, he'll clear everything up.

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