Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Brooklyn. Suresh enters his father's apartment, and it's not one room as I originally thought in the pilot. In fact, it's a gargantuan apartment, and unless Suresh is supplementing his cab driver income with a nice, tidy, smack-selling business, I don't see how he can afford it. I mean, I've only just started looking for an apartment in New York and it's stunning what you CAN'T get for $1700 a month. So, whatever, Suresh enters his gargantuan cheap-ass Brooklyn apartment and starts to settle in. That's when he sees some guy's butt hanging out from beneath his desk. And, no, it's not naked. It's clothed in a janitorial jumpsuit and appears to be attached to a man who's mucking with the baseboards. Suresh creeps forward in an attempt to crack the guy over the skull with a decorative plaster elephant, but his target leaps up and hurriedly explains that he's the exterminator. He even brandishes one of those old fashioned exterminator tanks as proof. Suresh looks down and sees that something's pulled out from the wall and there's a toolkit on the floor with an electronic device on top, thereby making this "bug eliminator" look more like a "bug planter."

The bug planter finally gets that Suresh isn't falling for his routine and he goes to attack him with the exterminator tank. A scrapple ensues. (That's the Heroes version of, "And then they fight.") The bug planter kicks Suresh across the room and pulls out his gun. But instead of killing Suresh, the guy just walks out. Suresh runs after him, but the guy's already knocked into some miniscule girl in the hallway. Suresh and the guy fight some more until the pixie picks up the gun and points it at them both. The bug planter tries to tell her he's the exterminator, but the fact that he's wearing a gun holster seems to indicate otherwise. The bug planter grabs Suresh and flings him at the pixie. He runs off and Suresh thanks Pixie for saving his life. "Mohinder Suresh," he says, holding out his hand. "The professor's son?" says Pixie, taking it.

It's time for Hiro's repeat. He's on the train, concentrating hard, and the next thing we know, he's in Times Square. He runs through the streets, laughing and yelling. "Yata! Hurro New York!" "Whassup!" "Brittany Spears!" Oh, man. I love him so much. Hiro passes a newsstand and the smile fades from his face as he sees a comic entitled 9th Wonders. On the cover of the comic is none other than Hiro himself, in Times Square, exclaiming, "I did it!" Looks like Isaac's been envisioning the future again. Hiro grabs the comic and starts to page through it until the owner of the newsstand goes, "Hey, pal. This ain't a library." What, did Hiro transport himself back to 1938? Seriously. What's with the Cagney-speak from everyone tonight? Hiro hands the guy some Yen and then runs off just as the guy realizes what he's done.

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