Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

He speeds around and finally ducks in next to an old fashioned movie theatre ticket booth. It is honestly right out of the forties. Hiro pulls out the comic and starts to read. Every panel is from his life. The clock, the office, the friend chastising him about Star Trek, the "super Hiro" comment; it's all there. Hiro speeds to the back of the book and sees not only a picture of the author, Isaac Mendez, but an ADDRESS for him. I'm not a big comics fan, but I devour several different graphic novels on a regular basis and, after a thorough glance through my inventory, not a single ONE of the books in my collection has a personal address for the creator. That's just... well, it's basically a plot device shoved into a comic, and that annoys me. Sorry, but it does.

We flit off to catch up with Isaac, who's coming back from a little trip to Dragonville. Simone's there, enabling him. Erm, I mean, "helping him." He tells her that he saw a bright light that wiped out the whole city, like a nuclear blast. She tells him it was a dream, but he doesn't think so. He says he shot up last night because he had to and he painted what he saw. He asks her if she sees it and she says she does. He tells her they have to go to the FBI or the CIA or whomever will listen to them and she just tells him that he's a drug addict and he can't paint the future. She says that she's watching her father die and she won't watch him die too. "You have to make a choice: me or this," she says. The camera swoops up and we see that Isaac committed his vision to a large blank space on the floor instead of a canvas.

Odessa, Texas. Claire's standing in front of a jockstrap who's talking about big muscles or something. She's pretending to be a vapid cheerleader douchebag. A fellow cheerleader who actually IS a vapid douchebag is vying for the jockstrap's attentions, but Claire's much cuter. Nerdeo ruins the fun when he runs up and asks to talk to Claire for a minute. Claire's cheerleader rival steps up and asks Nerdeo if it's true that he got an erection in the boy's locker room. He just gives her a "Fuck you very much" look and returns to talking to Claire. I like him already. He tries to tell Claire that he urgently needs to talk to her, but she's too busy being popular to deal with him right now. The principal walks up right then as the credits start rolling and tells Claire and her friend that the sheriff wants to have a word with them.

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