Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Oh my god, you guys. The credits. The credits just told me that Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman along with Shankar are doing the music for this show. I just saw the credits. How did I miss that before? What do you MEAN you don't know who Wendy and Lisa are? WENDY AND LISA. You know. Prince and the Revolution? Okay, if you don't know who Prince and the Revolution are, I'm going to have to come over there and bitch-slap you with a baboon's ass. And then make you drink a milkshake made of yak droppings and key lime because WENDY AND LISA AND PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION.

Yes, I'm old. Shut up.

Care for a bit more flashback? Alrighty then. Let's spend a moment with Niki, whose name I spelled "Nikki" during the last recap because IMDb is stupid and drunk and possibly sleeping with someone's husband and totally got the name wrong. Slut. Speaking of sluts, Niki's just waking up in her porn bed, rubbing her sore jaw. She hears her son leave a message on the answering machine, imploring her to come pick him up. She sees the dead guy with the glass in his neck and the other dead guy on the floor. She runs over and grabs the blinking video camera off its tripod and that's when she sees her mirror image (I'm going to start calling her "ikiN" -- thanks, Wing!) across the room, covered in blood and looking fairly pleased with herself. She does the "shhhh" gesture over her lips again, and Niki runs off, thoroughly freaked out. She locks the Garage of Porn and drives off in her flat black Pacer.

She calls her son from the road and says she's only five minutes away and she'll be there in no time. She looks over at the video camera and finally pulls it open to watch what's on it. We get a replay of Niki starting to unbutton her pants and Greaso smacking her around. Unfortunately, the second ikiN takes over, the screen goes black, so we don't get to see what happens. We do, however, get to HEAR what happens, and it sounds totally gruesome. ikiN is apparently very powerful and comes fully-loaded with some whup-ass. Niki's phone rings and suddenly, she's dressed in a totally different outfit and holding the phone in her hand instead of the camera. She looks down at the phone like, the whuh? She gets out of the car and we see that she's in an empty parking lot out by the airport. She answers the phone and it's Micah, pissed that she hasn't shown up yet, even though she said she'd be there five minutes ago. Four hours have passed since she last talked with her son. What the HELL has she been DOING? She peels out and goes to pick up her son.

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