Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Big Hair and Micah are waiting outside for her and Big Hair's totally cheesed off. Niki just runs to hug him and tells him to go to the car. Big Hair asks what's going on and Niki tells her about the thugs and how they're dead on the floor of her garage and how she has no idea how they got that way. She thinks she might have something to do with it but she's not sure. Big Hair thinks it might be "D.L." and that he's doing this because he still loves her. Niki says that D.L. wouldn't risk coming back because the cops are after him. I know who "D.L." is, but I'm not going to tell you, because that would be a spoiler and what fun would that be? Big Hair tells Niki to call the police, but, really, is that the best idea? She borrowed money from a mobster, killed his thugs and somehow the police are going to be able to help her? I think not. Niki agrees with me. She says she's gotta cover her tracks and then she's gotta run. She gets into the car and she and Micah head off to do some track-covering.

Brooklyn. Suresh is beneath the desk, checking out the bug planter's handiwork as Pixie watches. She can't believe someone would want to bug "Papa" Suresh's apartment. Suresh is all, uh, what's with the "papa"? Pixie's all, I am stupid and fucked up his name all the time and aren't I cute because I called your daddy "papa"? No. No, you are not. And I kind of agree with Wing on this: she's totally the real bad guy and the bug planter was just a red herring. Why else wouldn't he have killed Suresh when he had the chance? I mean, other than it didn't suit the plot at the time?

Suresh finds a bug in the electrical plate and shows it to Pixie, telling her about Bad Glasses Man in his father's apartment in Madras. She thinks he should just ask his dad about all this and Suresh is all, but, um, he's dead. Don't you know that? I can't tell if Pixie's a really bad actress or if the actress PLAYING her is just a really bad actress. [" She was in Brick, too, and I felt the same way. Her acting style is...I don't know, 'airy.' -- Joe R] Either way, she's not having any effect on me whatsoever. I don't know why I care when there's a whole lotta Mohinder over there to look at. Pixie blah blahs about making extra food and bringing it over to Papa Suresh and how he'd tell her about his theories and his map. Yes, because the man was being chased down for his research but somehow telling it all to his little pixie neighbor is totally harmless, huh?

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