Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Suresh says that Pixie was closer to his father than he ever was. She says that she had no idea anything was wrong and that she knocked a couple of times, but Papa Suresh wasn't around. She had a first edition of Darwin's Origin of the Species that she wanted to show him. Pixie goes on to say that Papa Suresh told her he was being watched and she just thought he was eccentric. She asks if Suresh thinks they're being watched now and he just answers that "they" could have killed him if they'd wanted to and, for the time being, he's more valuable to them alive. He says that he needs Pixie to tell him everything she remembers about the map and his father's theories.

Odessa. The cheerleaders are gathered together in what looks like a Greek amphitheatre. The hell? The sheriff walks up and says that they need to know who saved the guy from the train fire yesterday. No one steps forward. The fire chief says that of all the girls, the one closest to the description of the girl who performed the save is Claire. Everyone looks at her and the sheriff asks where she went after practice yesterday. Before Claire can answer, her vapid douchebag friend from before steps forward and declares that SHE'S the one who saved the man from the fire. The fire chief looks at her like she has flames coming out of her ass because, of course, he was actually THERE and he doesn't recall seeing her. Claire just snarls a bit in her general direction. That's right, Claire. Not so much fun having the powers if you can't SHOW THEM OFF, now is it? The fire chief congratulates her and declares her an honorary fireman and all the cheerleaders crowd around her and squee. Claire asks the sheriff how the man from the fire is doing and he says he's got some pretty bad burns, but he's alive and happy to be so.

After not getting credit for the fire save, Claire leaves the other cheerleaders behind and heads across the football field. Nerdeo catches up with her and says they need to talk. Claire's rambling on about how they're going to make the vapid douchebag cheerleader grand marshal of the parade and Claire sounds pretty pissed off about it which... yeah. Make up your mind, Claire. Either you WANT the credit or you DON'T. You can't have it both ways. Nerdeo tells Claire that her suicide videotape has disappeared from his backpack. "It's gone!" "Whaddya mean it's gone?!" she spits back. WHAM! Her jockstrap boyfriend slams into her and she drops like a sack full of kittens. Unfortunately, she has also twisted her head completely around until she's pulling a total Linda Blair. Nerdeo's shaking his head all, oh no no no no no! Claire sees this and quickly twists her head back around before anyone notices. The jockstrap goes right to her, concerned. Claire just gets up and pluckily insists that she's okay and she kind of scratches her head like, ouch! That smarts! Hee.

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