Don't Look Back

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So many heroes, so little time.

Hiro pays a visit to Isaac Mendez's apartment. Right. Because finding your way around New York City is super-easy for someone who's just TELEPORTED FROM JAPAN and has NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE. For fuck's sake, I've been there ten times and I STILL got totally turned around when I came out of the Canal Street stop last weekend. I walked two blocks and was like, "This does NOT look like SoHo!" I was too embarrassed to pull out a map, so I just... went to a bar and pretended to look in a magazine while I secretly checked out the map. And then I had another drink just to congratulate myself for not winding up in Battery Park. BECAUSE NEW YORK ISN'T EASY, PEOPLE.

Excuse me.

So, yeah, Hiro the Wonder Navigator knocks on Isaac's door and, as is always the way in TV shows like this, the door is wide open. Hiro enters, all, "Meestuh Eeezaaak Meeendeeez?" Hee. Hiro walks around, looking for Isaac. He sees several paintings, one of which has an odd S-shaped curve on it. Get used to that shape, kids; I think we're going to see a lot of it. Hiro keeps snooping around, seeing another comic panel with his face on it on a drafting table. Then he comes across a trail of blood, which he follows. He sees a gun, which he picks up. Yes, because that's the SMART thing to do. "Meeeestuh Eeeessssaaaak?" he trembles, still following the blood. Suddenly, he stops. He stops because he sees Isaac's body on the floor. And the top of his skull has been sliced off and his brain has been removed. You heard me. Someone ran a saw around his skull, unscrewed it like a jar, and removed his entire brain. He looks like a broken Pez dispenser. A cop busts in at that moment and orders Hiro to drop his weapon. He does. Cops surround him and Hiro immediately puts his hands up in the air. And then promptly passes out. Hee hee hee. I seriously want to make him my pet.

Outside a comfortable-looking house somewhere in California, Officer Matt Parkman (a.k.a. "Agent Eric Weiss," "Agent Sean," "Boyfriend Sean," "Boyfriend Weiss") is directing traffic around the crime scene of a serial killer who's killed two people and abducted a little girl. He's disgruntled because he wants to be in on the action and traffic cop isn't really all that hot of a gig. A couple of black cars pull up and a woman with red hair gets out. Matt and his buddy speculate as to if she's FBI or CIA, but they can't get a read on her. The buddy mentions test scores being posted today and tells Matt that not everybody's a test-taker. Matt, apparently, fails the detective test a lot. Just then, Matt hears a little girl's voice in his head begging someone not to hurt her. He looks around, thinking the girl must be nearby, but she's not. He kind of shakes his head to clear it of the voice, but he keeps hearing it. This is either the first time Matt's started to hear voices in his head, or the first time he's ever heard this particular voice in his head. Either way, Matt looks totally surprised at what he's hearing and he starts to follow the voice. As he does, he hears other voices coming at him from the people around him. He looks kind of freaked. He runs toward the house.

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