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Ando's spazzing out, unable to control his new power, and when Matt touches him, he gets a pink surge and his power goes wild as well. Daphne then smacks Ando in the arm, gets zapped herself, and disappears -- only she reappears at the other end of the lab and sees herself, Ando, and Matt playing out the scene that just happened. When her past self disappears, it reappears behind her and dissolves into her, which totally makes no sense but whatever, and after an excruciatingly lame and half-assed Wizard Of Oz reference (although I will give some points back since Daphne's from Kansas), she theorizes that she traveled back in time. From the look on Matt's face, he's not figuring this one out any time soon, so it's just as well we're cutting out of the scene here.

Meredith is terrified and also, I think, in pain from her power freakout (that's consistent with what Elle went through), and then in a very cool camera move, we back away to see that Claire is viewing this on a laptop via a camera feed that Sylar has patched through. She gasps that they have to save them, but Angela, the look on her face indicating what she knows what she's about to say is futile but she's going to say it anyway, points out that Sylar is surely only showing them what's going on because he wants them to go down there. Claire petulantly answers, "I don't care," and Angela doesn't even have to bother with replying "That's what I thought."

Cut to the two of them in the hallway, with Claire leading Angela by the hand. She lets go to do some business with a door and then reaches back to grab it again, but we don't see Angela this time so we know it's Sylar. He must use some good hand cream for Claire to be fooled, though. Anyway, he holds Claire up against the wall (physically, not telekinetically) and tells her she has the choice to save either Bennet or Angela, but he knows she's going to choose Bennet, even after all the lies he's told her. "What does that say about you, Claire?" He uses his lie-detector power, for what reason I'm not clear, and then tells her, "That's the thing about the truth, Claire. It stings like a bitch." Claire does not ask him what the hell he's talking about, which is only understandable because she's being choked at the moment. Sylar lets her drop, and she runs down the hall, leaving him to stare after her like the enormous drama queen he is.

Claire gets to the cell, and after she discovers that the keypad's been ripped out, Meredith tells them she's not going to be able to hold out much longer, so Bennet instructs her to put as much heat as she can into her hands and press them to the glass, which she does. After he judges the glass has been sufficiently weakened, he tells Meredith to get out of the way and then puts his one bullet into the window -- but it doesn't shatter, instead making only a small hole. Meredith's despondent at what seemed like their only chance, but Claire gets An Idea and tells them to stay back before charging the glass and going straight through it. Er, if it were that easy, shouldn't Flint have been able to escape Unit 5 in a similar manner when he was a prisoner? I mean, sure, he might have impaled himself on a large shard in the process, but you figure it still might have been worth trying. Anyway, Bennet gets out of there, and you can hardly blame him given the temperature he's been enduring, but Claire lingers, trying to get Meredith to come with her. Meredith isn't quite ready for that, though, and tells her to go stop Sylar, so Claire tells her she'll be back. Meredith does not request she bring a hose back with her, but Claire's been pretty smart this episode so maybe she'll figure it out on her own. Speaking of which, though, if Sylar got the adrenaline from Primatech's stores, shouldn't they have something that should counter the effects? Serotonin, maybe? Hope Bennet doesn't kick himself in the ass for missing that one.

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