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Back at Pinehearst, Tracy is telling Nathan that she has to get him out of there, as the situation is still "deniable" but one with which he can't afford to be associated. She adds that if they find the document with the formula, they can start over, like we didn't spend ALL LAST EPISODE ON THE CATAYLST WHICH IS NOW GONE PERMANENTLY HELLO. Instead of pointing this out, Nathan says he's not running away, and fires her for no reason in particular. He might as well have just killed her so we can get Ali Larter on to playing Barbara, no?

So Matt has figured out that Ando can now supercharge other people's powers, and the effect with Daphne was to make her so fast that she can actually travel back in time and save Lois Lane from being buried in that earthquake or some shit. Matt actually explains the theory of relativity, which is pretty funny given what a complete moron he's been lately, but when Daphne comes up with the plan to take Ando with her so he can keep supercharging her powers, Matt objects to the potential dangers. Daphne doesn't quite pinch his cheek and tell him how cute he is, but that's the general idea, and honestly he should be used to it by now. Daphne and Ando clasp hands, and in a flash of wind and pink light, they're gone.

Back in the past, Young Hiro has led our Hiro to the safe, although you'd think Hiro would remember where it was himself, and Hiro retrieves the formula just in advance of Kaito entering and asking what they're doing. Hiro covers that the two of them were just playing, but he's left the safe door ajar, so after Kaito sends Young Hiro off to bed, he draws his samurai sword from its resting place on a table and menaces Hiro with it. Hiro retreats into the kitchen and hilariously tries to defend himself with a loaf of French bread, and if nothing else he's at least keeping his cover story as a chef intact. Reduced to his only option, Hiro brandishes the formula and tells Kaito if it's destroyed, it can never be used for evil. Kaito does not pull a V-8 forehead slap at that revelation, so Hiro rips the formula in half, but when Kaito moves to stab him, Daphne and Ando super-superzip in and grab him. However, when they're gone, Kaito picks up the two pieces of the formula, and I'm no scientist but might I suggest a little invention called Scotch tape?

Back at the lab, Hiro explains about the formula situation, so he and Daphne head out again. Other stuff happened, including Matt talking, but that's all that's relevant.

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