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At Pinehearst, Hiro and Daphne show up to bother Tracy, who's just used her freezing power to compromise the door and get the formula out of Arthur's safe. She makes the mistake of calling Hiro "Pikachu," and he decks her. Well, if throwing a girly limp-wristed punch like he did can be called "decking," but it seems true to the character, at least, and Daphne's "Oo-kay" expression totally makes it worth it anyway. Tracy's makeup isn't even smudged, but Hiro and Daphne still manage to grab the formula and get the hell out of there.

Peter and Flint are doing their last bit of work, which is to dump a giant vat of the formula onto the floor. However, since Mohinder is still lying there, he gets a mouthful of the stuff, which instantly cures him, even though that makes no sense because it would have to be absorbed into his bloodstream first. Not that I care, especially if this means he'll go live with Maya in New Jersey and leave the rest of us alone. Flint then makes to light the place up, and when Peter objects, saying he's got to get his brother out of there, Flint replies, "I don't give a rat's ass about your brother. Or you." Maybe I should let Flint finish the recap for me. No, that won't be possible, as Nathan bonks Flint on the head from behind with a big metal pole, but then bashes Peter in the stomach with it as well. The Petrelli boys face off, but Nathan whaps Peter to the floor again before telling him he broke his heart. Like we didn't know you were sleeping together. Flint stirs with a look of dangerous rage on his face and ignites the formula, which traps Nathan behind a wall of flames. In desperation, Peter takes a handy hypo and injects himself in the leg with the formula, and it didn't occur to me before but it is interesting that he chose to do this only to save his brother's life and not to regain his "special" status. I could almost start liking Peter, but I don't want to make any promises either. Anyway, Flint stands up and makes to incinerate Nathan, but Peter gets a look of Pure Blue Steel on his face and flies at his brother, carrying them both through the window and up into the night sky. Yes, Nathan could have done this himself, but I have to admit that still gave me chills. Nice!

Back at Primatech, Angela conversationally brings up the fact that Sylar killed Arthur. Sylar: "I certainly did." Heh. She tells him he saved the world, then, and she was right about him all along -- he's a hero. If only she knew how much he hates that word. Angela seems not to know how up the jig is, here, but Sylar manhandles her into a chair and yells that she's not his mother. "Are you?" She admits she's not, and when he asks her why she did it, she first reiterates that her sons have been such a disappointment, and she wanted the chance to give a mother's love to someone else. Sylar uses his Sylargraph, however, and says she's lying, although he can only be referring to the second part. He gives her a warning cut on her head, and after she takes a moment, she tells him she wanted him to work for The Company, as he had "a skill" she needed. She doesn't specify what that is, but when Sylar asks if he saw her as a hero, she admits that the opposite is true: "As a killer, a monster. You were flawed, weak, malleable -- someone I could manipulate, because that's what I do. Because you're right -- I'm a monster too." At least she finally admits it. This is too much bitch-stinging truth for Sylar, though, as he whirls and telekinetically holds her by the throat as he asks if there's any good in the world. "Tell me something, anything! Just make me believe that you're not the same as me!" If you'll turn off the Sylargraph for a moment, Sylar, we might get somewhere on that. However, Angela blurts out that she knows who Sylar's real parents are, and Sylar reads that she's telling the truth. She goes on that he's not the son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snow globes, but if he kills her, he won't find out the real deal. Sylar is not about to play that game, though, as he chokes her and orders her to come clean, yelling that he wants the truth, but just then Claire smacks something into the back of his head, and he goes down like a rather tall and bloody ton of bricks. She does not add, however, "You can't handle the truth," and I don't think any normal person would have been able to resist so that's just more proof that Claire is "special." Bennet then appears and doesn't bat an eye in telling Claire they need to leave now, presumably because of the ticking time bomb on the premises she refers to as "Mom," but Claire merely tells him to get Angela out of there...

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