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...before heading back to Unit 5. But it's pretty clear that there's nothing to be done, and Bennet shows up and he and Claire run out just in advance of Meredith erupting rather spectacularly. I don't know that It means she's dead, and I certainly hope not, but we won't find out now...

...because we have to check back with the Petrelli boys. After they land in some woods, Nathan berates Peter for taking the formula after he was so dead-set against its use, and asks why he saved him. Incidentally, I'm assuming that Peter got his original power back from the formula, the power mimicry, and copying Nathan's power was how he flew, because while The Flying Petrelli Brothers is an amusing name it would still make for boring television. Anyway, Peter gives the obvious answer -- Nathan's his brother, and he loves him. He moves close, but Nathan hisses, "That's not what I would have done," and flies off into the night. And you know he's serious when he didn't even give Peter a goodbye shoulder-rub. Mohinder starts a boring VO over him checking out his newly-restored face and then getting a ride from Tracy, only when he gets in, we see a lesion he didn't notice, and it's not clear whether that's from the beating he took at Flint's hands or if the infection is persisting; Daphne and Hiro returning to the lab and having a joyful reunion with Ando and Matt as Hiro destroys the formula; Claire, Bennet, and Angela watching the Primatech building burn from outside; Matt seeing NeoIsaac in the lab (as a sign that he's followed the right path, I'm assuming, but whatever); Primatech going down hard as Claire mourns her biological mother. We zoom in on Claire's eye to a title card that tells us it's the end of Volume Three...

...and then we fade up on a shot of a State Department limousine near the Washington Monument as the chyron tells us that Volume Four is called "Fugitives." It's three weeks later, and Nathan is telling someone in the car that their "only real option" is to get the Federal Government involved. The other guy is looking over a dossier, presumably supplied by Nathan, and in it we see profiles of Tracy, Micah, Mohinder, Hiro, and Matt, among others, I'm sure, although it's worth mentioning there's no file visible for any of Nathan's blood relatives, complete with their abilities. Nathan tells the guy that they could all be very dangerous, and his solution proved unsuccessful, so he wants to round them up and put them in a facility "where they won't be a danger to anyone." As I said in the recaplet: Genosha. And that doesn't end well.

The guy agrees to Nathan's plan, and Nathan hops out, but turns back to say this: "Thank you, Mr. President." And said President is black, which just makes me all the more thankful for the Obama win, because this would otherwise be pretty painful to watch. The motorcade takes off, and Nathan's thoughtful? Conflicted? Satisfied? visage is what we have to tide us over until February. See you then!

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