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Okay! Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I feel I can enjoy at least the good parts of this episode without guilt. Which do not start with Sylar VOing about God creating people in His own image, so let's move on to the chyron superimposed over Arthur's blood on the Pinehearst carpet. Peter's sitting by his dad's corpse, overcome by sadness? Relief? Guilt? when Nathan emerges and mildly groans that Peter went through with it. Peter admits that Sylar gets the credit, and goes on that the formula has to be destroyed. Nathan kneels by Arthur's body and closes his father's eyes (nice touch) as he tells Peter it's too late, and a dozen Marines are already being injected with it. He continues on his path to zealotry as he adds that the plan isn't Arthur's anymore, but all of theirs, and it's going to make the world a better place. Peter almost unconsciously cocks the gun as he tells Nathan he sounds just like Arthur, and Nathan agrees while picking up on Peter's feelings: "And I can't help but wonder how long it's gonna be before it's me lying here." Well, if that happens, you can always hope a hologram with healing powers happens by. The challenge thrown, the brothers get to their feet, and after Nathan reiterates his desire to finish what Arthur started, Peter levels the gun at him. Nathan's not particularly impressed, and holds out his hand for the gun, but he's not quite as effective as he thinks he is, as Peter starts to give him the gun but then decks him. If you're not going to be as effective as Svengali, Nathan, you'd better work on that glass jaw. That scene effectively turned a couple different times, though! Peter storms out...

...and we cut to Primatech, where Bennet is grabbing weapons for himself, Claire, and Meredith (always lovely to see you, dear, but you came from where exactly?), and with Angela in tow, he reports that the formula is complete, and Peter's going to need help. Unfortunately, he's not the only one, as they come upon some dead guards bleeding from their heads. We get a quick shot of Sylar in a darkened room somewhere on the premises, and then the lights go off and the exits seal themselves in dramatic fashion. Sylar announces via the PA system that Arthur is dead. "No need to go to Pinehearst now!" Speaking of which, can Sylar teleport now and I just don't remember it? I mean, I'm willing to believe that a little time passed between that last scene and this one, but I doubt it would have been enough for a flight from New Jersey to Texas, even if he killed all the security people to speed things up a little. Sylar amuses himself by pointing out that his monstrosity is all due to Primatech. "And before the night is over, I'm going to prove to you, one by one, that you're all monsters. Exactly like me." Thanks for giving me my episode title -- Saw-lar it is!

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