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The Primatech prisoners pede-badass as Bennet says he knows where Sylar's broadcasting from, and hands Claire a shotgun as he tells her to protect her grandmother at all costs. Sylar speechifies some more, and with no disrespect I gotta tell you that he's not exactly giving Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight a run for his money here. Angela thinks Sylar's unstoppable, but Claire points out that since he's got her healing ability, he must also have her weakness, so if they shove something through the back of his head, he'll shut down. And the show has been pretty consistent on that particular point, so good on Claire for bringing it up, although given that Sylar CAN HEAR HER, she might have modulated her voice a bit. But he's too busy pointing out that Claire is surrounded in this scenario by relatives that have let her down, and then actually tells her that they only thing they can't heal is a broken heart, like this is suddenly a Sylarquin Romance here. (Damn, I never realized how many bad puns the name "Sylar" lends itself to.) The pairs have split up, and Claire and Angela are taking refuge in the latter's office, while Meredith and Bennet arrive at the control room, in which they find not Sylar but another dead guard, like, SYLAR CAN SEE YOUR EVERY MOVE, morons, as is reinforced when he unnecessarily tells Bennet that he's the hunted and not the hunter. That might change if you all would think to DISABLE THE CAMERAS.

Hiro's still wrapped around that flagpole when a pigeon shows up, and given that those things take dumps more than most creatures, I appreciate the editorial commentary on the season. Hiro, however, doesn't get it, telling the pigeon everything he's screwed up, although he does recognize that the mere fact of the conversation means, if you'll forgive the expression, he's fallen about as low as he can go. Meanwhile, Ando is telling Matt that he needs to rescue Hiro, but Matt dismissively says Hiro can't get into trouble without his powers, and I think this character has finally exhausted all the goodwill I have toward the actor, because ARE YOU BLIND AS WELL AS A MORON? The drawing is right in front of you! In, as they say, black and white! What the hell is your problem? Instead of asking him this, Daphne makes the point that anything Hiro fucks up could have an effect on their future, which would be a valid point if the show hadn't gone to such lengths to disprove that this season despite NAMING AN EPISODE "The Butterfly Effect." Anyway, they've come to Mohinder's lab for his help, like that's ever a good idea, but he's not there, of course. The odd thing, though, is that they know about his lab at Pinehearst, so why on earth would they think he'd be back in this dungeon-like place? But this is all so Matt can tell Daphne it's "too dangerous" to go to Pinehearst and she can completely ignore him and superzip out of there. I knew I liked her for a reason.

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