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Mohinder is telling his tape recorder that the "infection" he gave himself has spread to his lungs and he's going to die soon, which of course is belied by the fact that he WAS STILL LIVING WITH THIS CONDITION WHEN PETER WENT FOUR YEARS INTO THE FUTURE, HELLO. "I Am Become Death" may not have been the worst episode of the season, but I think continuity-wise it might have been the most nonsensical and destructive. Anyway, Mohinder's decided to inject himself with the new formula as a last resort, and the only thing wrong with that plan is that he's waited this long to do it, especially since the delay has given Peter the chance to enter and tell him he needs to destroy all of it. Mohinder uses the word "special" in explaining that once he came around to believing that people with abilities existed, he coveted them and blah, and again, thank God for Daphne, as with a momentary blur, she steals the formula out of Mohinder's hand. Enraged, Mohinder tosses Peter across the room, but Flint and Knox suddenly intervene, the former ready to pay Mohinder back in flames for the beating he took at his hands two episodes ago. Peter tells him to stop, but another twist presents itself: Knox and Flint want to destroy Pinehearst as well, so they're suddenly Peter's newest allies...

...as outside, the Marine with the super-strength is just waking Nathan up, so either Sylar really got down to Primatech in a hurry, or Nathan's even more of a pussy than I thought. By the way, I didn't mention it last episode, but a reader emailed to tell me that the Marine ("Scott" is his name on the show) is played by Chad Faust, who was Kyle Baldwin on The 4400. I've never seen the show, but given the genre, I'm sure a lot of viewers recognized him. Anyway, Scott reports that none of the other Marines have been injected yet, as Tracy was concerned for Nathan's whereabouts, which I don't believe for a second, but whatever. Nathan orders Scott to stop Peter, but Scott doesn't get two steps before Knox grabs him from behind and snaps his neck. Guess his super-strength didn't reach his head, although if he's taking orders from Nathan that's hardly a surprise. Nathan's stunned that his experiment has failed, and Knox rubs it in that he's going to stand guard until Peter's destroyed the formula, which will presumably be permanent since the catalyst is gone forever. Nathan asks if Knox is really working for Peter, and Knox smiles: "Yeah. He's one of the good guys now." Amazing development, but I am rooting for Peter now, in as much as I root for anyone on this show. Who knew?

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