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Daphne returns, and Ando's about to inject himself, but Matt has to pipe up with more objections. This time, however, he's got a point, that being that Ando has no idea what kind of power he's going to get from the Wheel of Fortune he's currently spinning. Daphne, however, suggests that the powers people get may stem from their own desires -- for example, Matt always wanted to know what other people thought about him, and she always wanted to run. I'd be interested to know, then, the psychological needs behind the powers of, say, Maya, except for the part where I totally, totally wouldn't be, so let's just take this as a working theory. Anyway, Ando validates my faith in him by also ignoring Matt, instead injecting him with the shot and promptly falling over and out of frame.

So the pigeon is still hanging out, hilariously, as Hiro finally decides to shimmy down the flagpole (it slants down as you get closer to the building), turn himself around, and climb back up to the roof, like, I know that conversation with the pigeon was pressing and all, but I still don't appreciate you making Matt's assessment of your predicament correct. Also, if someone were coming to rescue him, wouldn't she (SPOILER) come back to the first moments he was on the flagpole, or better yet, to before Arthur showed up at all? As I said, time travel on this show makes no sense so they should really just drop it altogether. Anyway...

...we cut to Hiro now inside, and he comes upon his younger self, who's holding the dove his mother healed in memory of her. Our Hiro laments the fact that his father gave him a simple task and he failed, and Young Hiro replies that his mother has a saying: "My mom would say if you can fix it today, you won't have to worry about it tomorrow." Well, Ishi was about the best thing in this season, so I suppose I can forgive her a pithy non-sequitur from beyond the grave. Of course, this gives our Hiro An Idea, and he asks Young Hiro to help him find a piece of paper with numbers and figures on it in his dad's possession. Young Hiro is reluctant, but Hiro tells him he can save tomorrow, and Young Hiro is in. Seems a little easy until you consider that Hiro should really know how to manipulate his ten-year-old self, especially considering that he recently got a very painful-to-watch refresher course on how he thinks.

Angela and Claire have a pointless but short exchange about Sylar, and then he calls and offers Claire her freedom, as well as that of Bennet and Meredith, if she'll simply blow her grandmother's head off. Claire looks aghast, but Angela's attitude basically seems to be "Yeah, I probably have it coming anyway." She listens as Sylar complains that she made him think he had a family and then took it all away, and then suggests Claire ask Bennet what he and Elle did to Sylar. Claire looks wigged, especially when she hears Elle is dead, and as Sylar continues to exhort her to kill Angela, she turns to her and pumps the gun, getting Angela's attention -- but she whirls and blows the phone to smithereens instead. It'll suck for her if she runs out of ammo later, but I still have to think it was worth it.

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