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Bennet has opted for utter chaos as his weapon of choice in fighting Sylar, as he's released the Unit 5 prisoners despite the fact, as Meredith ably points out, "they want to kill us as much as Sylar does!" On top of that, Sylar is not a master of creepy PUPPETS and CLOWNS, unlike Doyle, who's standing before her now. Danny Pine is there too, and Bennet tells the VILLAINS that whoever gets Sylar earns his freedom, and they might as well play along, given that Sylar has the place locked down. Of course, there's nothing to stop them from killing Bennet and Meredith and then going after Sylar, but maybe they see the wisdom in not killing people who are on your side, even temporarily. Except when they're gone, Bennet reveals to Meredith that he's just using them as bait, and in some other dimension, Vortex Guy is shaking his head at his former fellow prisoners all "That's what you get for trusting a guy with horn-rimmed glasses."

Peter is making with the smashy-smash as Flint holds Mohinder by the jaw, and if that's meant to stop him from talking, I appreciate the thought but wish he'd try a little harder. Mohinder tells Peter the formula is highly combustible, and points out that he's counting thugs and killers as his allies. "What does that make you?" Maybe someone who doesn't see things entirely in black and white anymore, for which I'd be rather grateful. Flint decides he's had enough of this crap and kicks the shit out of Mohinder, who lies unconscious on the floor as Peter checks on him and reproaches Flint. Flint, however, points out that now the job will go twice as quickly, and just because he's dumb as a stump doesn't mean he never makes any sense. Peter looks down at Mohinder...

...but we cut nicely to Ando, who wakes up after getting some water thrown in his face and excitedly asks if he has abilities. Daphne: "So far all we know is that you can pass out really well." I'm really not that difficult to please -- a few lines like that and I'm in a good mood. Also hilariously, Ando gets to his feet and starts chanting that he's the master of time and space, even making circles in the air with his hands like he's warming up to do martial arts, but nothing happens, so Daphne counsels him to make Hiro's Number Two Face, and she and Matt coach him on how hard to scrunch his eyes up ("Gentle scrunch," Ando says to himself, and this is far funnier than it has any right to be), but all this leads nowhere until Ando hits a table in frustration and his hand suddenly crackles with some pink energy. Not to rely too much on gender stereotypes, but is that the Heroes version of the pinky ring? (God knows they don't get any more overt than that on this show.)

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