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Meredith and Bennet have stupidly split up, and Meredith slowly and terrifiedly follows a trail of body parts (including Danny Pine's partially metal arm) to an open supply closet, out of which a vial of something rolls ominously toward her. She picks it up and sees that it's adrenaline, and from behind her, Sylar intones, "They say adrenaline can kick-start a dead heart." Still couldn't inject life into the monologues, though. Meredith tries to shoot Sylar (why do so many people on the show pronounce it "Sy-lur"? Annoying, and also annoying is her not trying to immolate him), but he waves the gun away and makes to cut her open and presumably take her power. But his hand involuntarily moves to the side, which is just as well because he didn't really need to get any more flaming here. Doyle steps out of the shadows and informs Sylar that Meredith is his, and makes him dance in the air like a marionette. After a moment of this, though, Sylar informs Doyle that controlling him is not the walk in the park he thinks it is, and just like that, he mentally breaks Doyle's hold on him and sends him falling to the ground, blood oozing from one of his nostrils. I'm not sure what power he called on there, or if it's just that his telekinesis is stronger than Doyle's version, but something big is about to happen, which is that Meredith goes for her gun, but Sylar's suddenly behind her and injects her straight in the heart with a shot of, presumably, adrenaline. Pretty sure her body already had that covered, guy. Once she collapses, Sylar breathes, "One more thing to do."

Bennet reenters Unit 5, finding one member of his bait squad dead, and then is horrified to come across Meredith in one of the cells, as the adrenaline has caused her to lose control of her powers. She tells him to run, but when he turns, he discovers that Sylar has locked him in and is telling him his only recourse is to kill Meredith. He wonders what Bennet will tell Claire after he's done so, although if she's put a shotgun shell through her grandmother by then, she won't be able to talk. He adds that Bennet helped make him into who he is. "I just wanted to return the favor." Bennet's face: "Gee, thanks."

In an office, Nathan is trying to project an air of bored superiority by playing with a snow globe as he tells Knox he's backing the wrong horse. "Everybody roots for Peter, but in the end he always winds up losing." Half right. He goes on that he feels sorry for his brother, and to be honest even with Nathan's ideological flip-flopping I'm really not buying this sudden contempt Nathan has for Peter, so let's skip ahead to where Nathan takes the snow globe and bashes Knox in the head with it. If he'd wished him a Merry Christmas, I would have laughed -- I'm not proud. Anyway, fight fight fight, and of course Nathan's literally about to get his head handed to him when Knox suddenly freezes up -- also literally, as Tracy has zapped him from behind, and he disintegrates. She then smiles, "Miss me?" so I guess we're not going to spend the first six episodes of next chapter on all the guilt she's feeling over this.

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