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Boom Goes The Dynamite?
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Claire brings Alex a sandwich and tells him Sandra and Lyle will be going shopping soon, so he'll be able to come downstairs for a while. He says that's a good thing, as he's starting to stink, and after they grin at each other for a moment, Claire gets serious and tells him she's got cash to buy him a ticket to Albuquerque, and there's a train leaving that night. They sit on the bed as she goes on that the fact that he doesn't know anyone there means he can disappear and start over, but...why in such a small city? Wouldn't a newcomer be a lot less noticeable in, say, Chicago? And what about Mexico? Maybe they're worried about him being caught crossing over, but I'd take my chances and try for Tijuana. It's not like the border patrolmen there don't have other things to worry about. In any case, Alex tells Claire he never agreed to disappear, and his family and friends are in Costa Verde, and besides, he'll probably be found anyway, and the government might even be watching them right now. Claire denies that, but she's trying to sound more confident than she actually feels, and Alex tells her, "You're not Harriet Tubman, Claire. And this isn't the Underground Railroad!" Yes, I don't think Claire's seventeen-year-old wiles quite compare with Harriet Tubman's, especially given that there's a surveillance van outside her house as we speak (SPOILER!). Alex concludes that she's in over her head, and rather than deny that obviously true statement, Claire tells him that without her, he might be dead already, so he can just shut up and do what she tells him. At that moment, Sandra calls Claire's name...

...but when she enters the room, Alex is out of sight. She gets right to the point, saying that the "house money" she keeps in Mr. Muggles's rubber sneaker is gone. She holds up the receptacle for emphasis, and it's an orange Baby Ked that is just the cutest little thing. I knew Mr. Muggles would have good taste. Claire suggests that maybe Lyle took the money, but Sandra says she already questioned him. "Per usual, he has no clue." Hee. Poor Lyle is really the Rodney Dangerfield of this show. Claire confesses and says she was going to pay her back, and Sandra starts to ask why she took it, but Mr. Muggles starts barking at something under the bed, and when she picks him up, he's got Alex's sandwich in his mouth. Claire tries to play dumb, but then a thud comes from the closet, and Sandra expectantly looks back at her daughter. Claire: "I didn't hear anything." Not sure humor's the way to go here, Claire, but I appreciate it regardless. Sandra opens the closet and finds Alex holding a sleeping bag or something that fell off the shelf, and he nervously is like, "Mrs. Bennet, right? Hi!" Well, it's better than if he called her "Sandra," but I still think they're in a spot of trouble here, despite Claire's goofy smile.

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