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Previously on Heroes: It was six months ago. We spent some quality time with Papa Suresh and the rest of the Heroes and watched as most of them discovered their powers for the first time. Hiro went back in time to save Charlie, but she had a blood clot in her brain and was going to die anyway, so he wasted a big-ass time jump for nothing. Well, except for when Charlie told him she loved him. Aw. And Sylar started out oddly normal and then discovered that he really liked dissecting the brains of superheroes with rocks of quartz, and he became a total nutbar.

Voiceover Man? STILL ANNOYING.

Odessa. Claire and her dad enter the Bennet household. Claire's still covered with blood. As her dad goes to dampen some clothes with which to clean her up, Claire asks if he's mad at her because he hasn't said a word since they left the high school. He says he's not mad at her, he just has to tell her something. Then he says that he's known about what she can do for a very long time. He even mentions the tapes she made with Zach. Claire's seriously spooked and asks him why he didn't say anything about it. He says he wanted to protect her, and she's like, uh, jackass? All this time I've had no one to talk to about how much of a FREAK I think I am and you've KNOWN ALL ABOUT ME? You are SO getting a tie for Father's Day.

Bennet tells her that he's done some things he's not proud of to keep her safe, and Claire's all, like what? Kidnap a cop and force a heroin addict to do smack in order to jumpstart his visionary paintings? Claire mentions how Jackie died because of her and asks if Sylar was really after her instead of Jackie. Bennet doesn't answer her question; instead, he just tells her that Sylar's been taken care of. He goes on to say that neither her mother nor Lyle know about her powers. Claire's like, uh, actually... Bennet asks her just who the hell else knows about her little secret, and Claire states that it's just Lyle and Zach. Bennet instructs her to keep her mouth shut about her special powers. If she doesn't, there are other bad men out there like Sylar and they'll hurt her if she talks. Way to threaten your damn daughter, dude. He tells her to talk to Zach and destroy the tapes. Claire looks at her father like he's covered in scales and goes by the name "Beelzebub."

Meanwhile, Clea and Matt are out at the site of Sylar's abduction. Matt's telling Clea about Jackie's death and how it fits Sylar's M.O. "He took her brain?" asks Clea, like she's saying, "He took the bus?" Matt tells her that Jackie had an incision on her head, so it looks like Sylar started to take her brain, but he was interrupted. Clea tells him about Peter being in custody, but she doesn't think he's Sylar. Matt pops aspirin like candy and observes that there are other footprints on the hill aside from Sylar's. Clea starts to say something, but Matt totally interrupts her to say that he has headaches and they're caused by his marital strife. Okay, that has nothing to do with Sylar or Jackie's murder, but whatever, dude.

Clea tells him to basically suck it up and deal with his wife because she's human and she made a mistake, so cut her some slack. Matt's like, uh, I never cheated on HER, so why should she suddenly get a free day-pass to the fair of infidelity? Clea scoffs at him. "Statistically speaking, law enforcement attracts a certain sort of male personality," she says. "Oh," says Matt, not a little flirtatiously, "and what sort of personality would that be?" "Dogs," says Clea flatly. "And the female personality?" asks Matt. "Bitches," says Clea. "We keep it in the canine family." Heh. Back to the case at hand, Matt wonders aloud if Sylar had accomplices, which would account for the extra footprints. Clea thinks Sylar lost too much blood to get out of there by himself, so she says they should talk to Peter.

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