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Previously on Heroes: M. Giant covered for me, and he became MY Hero. Also, Maya and Alejandro met up with Sylar, but he didn't kill them, unfortunately; Micah's cousin Monica discovered that she has some kick-ass superpowers; Claire and West made out some more, even though Mr. Bennet hath forbidden Claire to even be NEAR boys for the rest of forever because of the whole "Claire kisses someone while HRG dies in the foreground" painting prediction; and Matt begged Molly to find his father, only to have her rendered unconscious by the experience.

Matt's a really bad daddy. And not in the good way.

Oh, good Christ. The voice-over is back. I've already determined that the voice-overs are stupid and illustrate nothing, so I'm not even bothering to recap them anymore. Or at least not in this episode. All we learn in this particularly useless voice-over is the title of the episode, which we already know, so screw it.

We open on Molly's Two Daddies, hovering worriedly over her prone body. The boys bicker at each other about how Molly used her ability to find Matt's father and now she's all broken and shit and it's Matt's fault and doesn't he feel a wee bit guilty about that? Also, they can't take the poor dear to a hospital because hospitals "aren't equipped to deal" with something like this. What? She has an effin' fever, Mohinder. Stop freaking out. Yeah, she's out cold, but whatever! I was out cold this morning and the smell of coffee woke me right the hell up! Just brew some java, she'll be FINE.

So, whatever, the boyfriends snit at each other and Matt thinks his father did this to Molly (duh!) and Mohinder thinks he should find his father, but Matt doesn't even know where to start, even though Molly totally offered up the city, the building, AND the apartment number for him, and Mohinder doesn't care because their baby is sick and she's sick because of MATT and he should care enough to drive to Philly and confront his father and get to the bottom of this, but Matt's a chickenshit and he'd rather stand around wondering aloud why his father's involved in all this and why he's in the picture in the first place than actually DO something about it, but then light dawns on dunderhead and Matt suddenly gets the idea to pay a visit to Angela Petrelli because maybe SHE will know where his father is. Matt kisses Molly goodbye and heads off to terrorize Mama Petrelli for intel on his dad.

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