Five Years Gone

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The Future's So Blight, I Gotta Wear Hades
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Previously on Heroes: Bennet, Matt, and RadioacTed escaped from the clutches of Evil Eric Roberts and decided to bring the OWI down on their own by heading to New York to destroy the Hero Tracker™; Sylar killed Peter with a shard of glass to the brain stem, but Claire removed it and brought Peter miraculously back to life; Linderman dangled the presidency in front of Nathan and, it would appear, Nathan took the bait, because now all he has is visions of sugarplum Oval Office interns dancing in his head; and finally, Hiro and Ando leapt forward five years into the future and met up with none other than Future Hiro, who seems kind of perpetually pissed off and glowering. Maybe it's the soul patch.

The previouslys give us a rundown on how Peter saved the cheerleader, but what if, just what if, he didn't manage to save the world? That's right -- what if they didn't stop the bomb from blowing up Manhattan? "Tonight," says the previouslys guy, "Hiro travels five years into the future to a world they hope they never see."

We open on Hiro, entering Mystery Sock's loft again, with Ando in tow. They walk around, see the strings with the pictures and articles pinned to them and ask the same questions they asked at the end of the last episode. The chyron tells us that it's five years in the future, in case we haven't been paying attention like ever. Future Hiro appears and he and Past Hiro have their war of words again. "You." "Me?" It's very exciting.

Future Hiro admonishes Past Hiro for being there at all, seeing as everything that's in the room shouldn't be there, according to him. Ando asks what happened to the city, and Future Hiro opens the window, showing the title card: "Chapter Twenty: Five Years Gone." He says the bomb went off, even though it was all supposed to change. "Five years ago, a man named Sylar exploded a bomb in the heart of the city, changing the world forever," says Future Hiro. He muses that he thought he had it all figured out, had it all beat, but by his tone, we have to assume that he has failed at his tasks. "I look upset," observes Past Hiro. Heh. "Go talk to yourself," says Ando. "No way!" says Past Hiro. "I scare me!" Hee. You scare me too, dude. Hiro convinces Ando to go talk to his future self and Ando reluctantly agrees.

Ando asks what all the strings and pictures are for and Future Hiro says that they're a map of the events leading up to the bomb. Past Hiro asks why he's done this and Future Hiro says it's so he could figure out the precise moment to go back in time and intercede to change the future. He finally found it -- October 4th, 2006. The day on the subway when all the light went blue and Peter and Future Hiro met. "Save the cheerleader... " says Future Hiro in English. "Save the world!" finishes Past Hiro. "Did he do it?" asks Future Hiro. "Did Peter save her?" Hiro says that Peter saved her, and Future Hiro says that this means Sylar never killed her and took her power. "Which means... you were able to kill him, right?" asks Future Hiro. Hiro's confused -- he didn't kill Sylar. Future Hiro says that this means he has to get Hiro back to the past as soon as possible, because he has to finish what he started and take Sylar out of the game. "On the day the bomb explodes, you need to kill Sylar," says Future Hiro.

"You kill someone?" says Ando incredulously. Hiro shakes his head furiously. But Future Hiro grabs a red string and says it's Hiro and that the Hiro string intersects with the black Sylar string on the day the bomb explodes. This is the day Hiro has to kill Sylar. Future Hiro stabbed him, but he regenerated, which is why he had to go back and tell Peter to save the world. This is... really starting to hurt my head. Past Hiro says he can't go back because he can't control his powers. Before Future Hiro can smack Past Hiro around with the butt of his sword and call him a whiny girly-man, a bunch of cops bust into the Superstudio and demand that everyone put their hands on their heads. Future Hiro grabs Ando and they beat feet outta there, while poor Past Hiro gets nabbed by the Haitian Sensation as none other than Matt Parkman comes sauntering down the stairs.

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