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Meeeemmmmory! All Alone In The Moooonliiiiight!
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Previously on Heroes: West discovered the truth about Claire's father; Claire's father had a spat with Mohinder because Mohinder shows up in a painting with a smoking gun that Bennet thinks is going to be aimed at him; Mohinder and Niki went up against Papa Parkman, but then Niki injected herself with the virus, only to discover that Mohinder's blood was no longer a cure; Peter and Caitlin discovered just how little of a cure there is in the future when they got captured by some HAZMAT dudes and quarantined; Peter escaped via time travel and met Kensei in the Hall of Lost Hero Crap, only to learn that Kensei is none other than Adam Monroe. And hot. He is Adam Monroe and he is hot. In fact, they're both hot. It's the Hall of Hot Heroes and their Lost Crap.

The voiceover is back, but thankfully it's brief. It basically just says that it's man's ability to remember that sets us apart from the cockroaches and rats. Peter runs around the Hall of Hot Heroes trying to force his way back to the future. Moyawnder says some more shit about celebrating triumphs and being warned about mistakes, but I've long since stopped listening to the voiceover, so I don't even care if it's important anymore.

Peter finds the note from Adam again and reads it over, commenting that he doesn't know any Adam. Of course that's when Adam himself appears, allowing Peter to shoot electricity at his hand, followed closely by a miracle of self-healing. Adam introduces himself, but clearly Peter doesn't remember him. Adam realizes that this means Peter's been in contact with the Haitian at some point. And here I was thinking Peter's amnesia was caused by the explosion in the sky. I thought that was a totally cheesy plotline, by the way, and now I feel chagrined and kind of...stupid. Of COURSE Peter came in contact with the Haitian! God!

Adam has a solution to Peter's memory loss: self-healing. Since Peter can do what Adam can do, he can heal his own mind. He instructs Peter to think about what matters to him most. Peter pulls out the photo of him and Nathan. "His name is Nathan," says Adam. Peter repeats the name, and suddenly, his memories of Nathan come flooding through fast and furious until...

...it's four months ago and we're back at Kirby Plaza as Nathan tries to tell his poor brother that they have to save the world together. Nathan steps forward and embraces Peter, and they shoot up into the sky as I try NOT to cry like I did the last time. As they skyrocket into the atmosphere, Peter tries to tell Nathan to let him go. "You go, I go!" yells Nathan as the flesh peels off his face. Peter tries to explain that it's taking all his powers not to explode, so he can't fly away like Nathan can. I take this to mean that if Peter explodes, he needs to be able to switch over and regenerate. He can't be concentrating on trying to fly, too. I guess his thinking is that at least Nathan can fly out of range, and Peter can just explode and regenerate in peace. Why yes, I am fanwanking, thank you for asking!

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