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Previously on Heroes: Save the Cheerleader, Save the... World? Huh. Well, Peter definitely saved A cheerleader, but then he collapsed and went all comatose on our asses, and Sylar the Demon Brain Eater got captured by H.R.G., and Eden shot her own brains out to avoid having her brain all sucked up and shit, and the Haitian Sensation actually spoke, and when he did, he informed Claire that her adoptive daddy had erased the memories of those nearest and dearest to her heart and, therefore, may not be a super-duper nice guy, and then Niki went and gave herself up to the police because Jessica's one hella-mega-bitch-on-wheels.

I'm doing my best to truncate the previouslies because, y'all, they go on for, like, a half hour. We get a repeat of the Peter Coma Future Dream, and I don't know why they bothered because that shit shows up, like, seven more times during this episode. Also, past clips from the show seem to be interspersed with future clips, which is kind of interesting, actually. Not really sure what the thinking was on that, but whatever. Also not really sure what the thinking was on wrapping the World's Fugliest Scarf around Mohinder's neck during one of the clips. It's... almost poetic in its hideousness. It's stripy and rainbow-y and so very, very wrong.

We're re-introduced to the major players through the previouslies montage. We also get a glimpse of some new characters, but that's not important right now. What's important is that we stop fucking around and get down to the business at hand:

The Next Chapter of Heroes.

Peter's coma-ing out, looking sweaty and sickly. Stellar coma-acting by Milo, by the way. Excellent lid work. It's been two weeks since he passed out in front of Claire's school, but he's still having that damn Future Dream. You know the one: Peter's hands glow, everyone looks panicked, he blows up, etc. The only difference this time is that a new character, in the form of Christopher "Fucking Bin-Bag" Eccelston, seems to be making an appearance. It's quick, but he's there. In Peter's hospital room, his mother smoothes his hair back and Nathan approaches the bed. (Dirty!) They look over Peter with concern.

Cut to Niki in her prison cell, dressed in an orange jumpsuit that may be nearly as hideous as Mohinder's Scarf of Fugly Colors. The cell door buzzes open and a guard who looks like he's been at the receiving end of some specialized Jessica treatment enters and starts to taunt poor Niki. She looks rather skittery at the sight of him, but not nearly as skittery as the four fully-armed guards in the doorway do. Heh. Come on, guys. You're not scared of one wittle itty bitty girl, are you? Clearly, they most certainly are. Niki's quietly cooperative though, so they cuff her and lead her out of the cell with very little drama. Broken Nose's face appears to have had a toaster oven slammed into it. Heh.

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